move dropbox folder to a different drive

How to Change the Location of Dropbox Folder

You might be out of space on your system C: drive which is the default location of the Dropbox folder when you install it. So, If you want to change the dropbox folder location and move all the files and folders to another drive on your computer without disturbing anything here is how to do [...]

Enable Two-Step Verification to Protect Your Dropbox Account

There is an optional but really important security feature of Dropbox called Two-step verification. You can protect your account by simply using a strong password but, Every Dropbox account holder should enable two-step verification feature to make their account and data in it more secure.  Most of the people use cloud storage service like Dropbox [...]

How to Run Multiple Dropbox Accounts on One Computer

Want to use more that one Dropbox account? then you are at right place. Technology has brought many interesting stuff to user’s desktop and Dropbox is one of them. I am sure most of you must already be aware of the usage and advantage of this useful backup service but for new users, let me [...]

Updated Dropbox for iOS with Improved Features

Dropbox has released updated Dropbox for iOS that includes improvements for video streaming, support for some new languages including Italian and Iberian Spanish and various bug fixes. Dropbox v1.5.7 for iOS Updates Support for Password-protected Office documents (iOS 6) Bug fixes to improve performance Just to get familiar with Dropbox, its a free web service [...]

How to Sync and Share Files Between Computer and iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Dropbox is cloud storage service that you can use to store your files and folders and access them from anywhere anytime where you have internet access. Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage and you need to download free Dropbox app for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, etc. In this guide lets take an example of sharing [...]

Dropbox: Double your Referral Credit to 500MB

You can double your Dropbox referral credit to 500MB if you have .edu (School) email address. Schools without .edu domains are also eligible. Get 500 MB instead of 250MB per friend you invite to Dropbox. That goes for everyone you’ve already referred too. Create a new Dropbox account using .edu email address or Verify .edu [...]

How to Add PDF Files to iBooks with Dropbox

This is quite an easy method to add PDF files to iBooks with Dropbox. How you have to do that all, learn through following step by step guide. Dropbox provides 2GB free online space to store files which is expendable with paid Pro services. Dropbox app is also free for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. [...]

Giveaway: JotAgent an iPhone App for Dropbox – 4 Promo Codes

JotAgent is tiny app for iPhone and iPad that works with DropBox to save your notes quickly and easily. JoteAgent store all notes on Dropbox, it means you can access your notes anywhere from iOS devices, Mac or web. So participate in this iPhone app Giveaway after feature list. ” *THIS APP REQUIRES A DROPBOX [...]