How to Download Videos from Youtube or Facebook on iPhone / iPad

You might want to download your favorite videos offline to watch them later even without internet connection. In this guide, you will learn how to download and save videos from YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and others on your iPhone or iPad devices. You can move the downloaded videos to Photos app in the Camera Roll, [...]

How to Stop Facebook Auto Tagging you in Photos Via Facial Recognition

Facebook Facial Recognition can auto tag your face in photos, do you want to stop that? Facebook is the hot favorite socializing network of us all. It won't be wrong calling Facebook the most popular social network of the time. We share photos more than we post our status on Facebook. We share Photos from our [...]


Secure Your Facebook Account with Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is kind of security which provides the facility of an additional security layer when you log in to your account. If you are using a Facebook account, most probably there will be your personal data which you don’t want that any other person to get a hold of it. So for the protection [...]

How to Stop WhatsApp from Sharing Data with Facebook

Most popular messaging app WhatsApp can share users data including your mobile phone number along with some account information with most popular social media site Facebook. Both companies says the new privacy policy which allows users to share their data will help users to find their friends and improve their product experiences and also improve [...]

How to Hide Specific Topics Ads on Facebook

Facebook display ads according to your interest and search, but sometimes we see complete different and irrelevant ads too on our timelines and we don’t wanted to see them. When we see those kinds of ads we can skip them from context menu or we can also hide them but similar ads will appears again [...]

How to Write Facebook Page Posts In Multiple Languages

If you have a Facebook page that attracts user from around the world, then giving access to page authors and managers of your Facebook Page to write post in different language is a very good idea. If you write your Facebook post in your readers language, this will help your posts have higher visibility on [...]


How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications in Google Chrome

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook are extremely popular nowadays. These networks take constant attention. You have to sign in to your browser and have to agree if you want to receive notifications. Google chrome is a most favorite and preferred browser. So constant notifications sounds can distract or bothers you from your work. Is [...]

How to Clear Facebook Search History from iOS, Android App or Browser

Facebook is fun but it is sometimes keeping record of things we do not even want. For example, you have been searching for some person on Facebook or stalking into someone’s account and you do not want anyone else to find that out later. In cases like that, you need to clear Facebook history. In [...]

How to Use Facebook Messenger in Browser without Apps or Ext.

Facebook is very popular in social media and almost everybody use Facebook to update status, chatting with friends or family etc. There are plenty of application available that supported to run Messenger features but Facebook officially released it and you can enjoy all Facebook features in your browser. Features like chat with friend, group chat, [...]

How to Disable “seen” Feature Facebook Messenger

Facebook in the largest social network of the age! It has redesigned the way people communicate and interact with one and other. Facebook is very very popular all around the globe since its launch in 2004. The social network has a huge amount of population from all regions of the worlds and is now available [...]

How to Use Facebook Chat Without Messenger App on iPhone, iPad and Android

Facebook has turned out to be be one of the important parts of our lives in past few years. These days socialization almost seems impossible without Facebook. Facebook has become very popular in recent times among the internet users around the globe. Facebook is one of those URLs that hold most part of internet traffic. [...]

Facebook Messenger for iPad Finally Lands

Facebook threw an update to its social Networking Tool, Messenger for iPad. With the 7.0 update, Facebook messenger is finally available for iPad. Now iPad users would no longer be using a stretched version of the iPhone user interface. Facebook messenger for iPad has a split view with contacts on the left-most third of the [...]

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Facebook has become a major source of communication for majority of the people. Whether it is something nonchalant, or even professional, this medium is considered all-right for any type of conversation. Often what happens with some people is that they delete their messages or conversations on Facebook, and then someday out of the blue they [...]

Logout Facebook Account From all Devices Remotely

Your Facebook account may have everything personal in it and you should take Facebook account's security seriously otherwise you may be going to expose your personal stuff. You should know how to make your account more secure using available security options and keep looking to Facebook log in sessions and log out Facebook remotely from [...]

How to Stop Facebook Email Notifications

Facebook sends email notifications to its users regarding all the activities taking place on their Facebook account, as if there are some new comments, friends requests, birthday notifications, etc. Now, if you have a lot of contacts on your Facebook, then definitely you receive a bulk amount of Facebook email notifications, which is quite annoying [...]

The “Other” Facebook Inbox

You have noticed that Facebook notifies for the messages from your Facebook friends in Inbox, but there is also a separate Inbox for messages from people who are not your Facebook friends but still can send you messages. In following you can find that how to access hidden Inbox in Facebook. Step-1 Login to your [...]

Facebook 6.4 for iOS includes Restaurant Reservations

Facebook rolled out Facebook v6.4 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with performance enhancements and new features especially the restaurant reservations feature for US users for the restaurants having Facebook page. New Features Search for hashtags or tap them in posts to see what other people are saying about a topic Make restaurant reservations directly [...]

How to Enable System Wide Chat Heads on iPhone with MessageBox [Cydia Tweak]

Chat Heads is a new feature included to Facebook for iOS, thats introduced first in Facebook Home for Android. Beacuse of some Apple limitations Chat Heads is not accessible system wide on iOS, so to resolve the issue Adam Bell brings a Cydia tweak MessageBox. MessageBox Cydia tweak makes it possible to enable Facebook Chat [...]

Facebook v6 for iOS with Chat Heads and Stickers

Facebook v6 is released for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which adds many new features, especially Chat heads that let you allow to start a chat within the app from anywhere, before this feature is introduced in Facebook Home for Android. Facebook v6 for iOS also includes stickers, to use through smiley icons and some [...]

Facebook Home “Unlocked” + “Working Chat Heads” APK [NO ROOT]

The XDA developers team member theos0o released a Facebook Home MOD that works for all Android devices without root. According to XDA Facebook Home MOD is tested on GNEX, Nexus 7 emulators. So, continue to find installation instructions for Facebook Home MOD. Requirement: Android 4.0+ installed Warning: Uninstall original facebook, facebook messenger and facebook home [...]

Get Notifications When Friends Come Online on Facebook Chat

Facebook lacks the functionality to notify Facebook users while their friends come online to Facebook Chat. So here is a free application available, entitled Facebook Friend Alert that creates popup alerts when your friends get login to Facebook so you can start Chat. Facebook Friend Alert only notifies for Facebook Chat not for Facebook that [...]

Facebook v5.5 for iOS with New Features

The social network giant Facebook has rolled out the updated application Facebook v5.5 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with new exciting features like in-app free calling, improved buttons to like, comment and share posts and many more. New Features New button design makes it easy to like, comment and share posts in News Feed. [...]

Facebook v5.4 App for iOS

Facebook has released updated Facebook app v5.4 for iPhone, iPod and iPad with exciting new features like voice messages and video recordings right in the application. Facebook iOS App Updates Send voice messages when you have more to say Record and share videos right from the app Share and connect with your favorite places using [...]