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How to Share Files/Folders Between Windows Computers

Want to share files or folders between Windows computers? In this guide, I will show you how to share a folder with files in it with another Windows computer. Before starting there are a few requirements and you must need to fulfill. File sharing between Windows computer Using this guide you can share a folder [...]

How to Share Files and Folders Over a Network in Windows 10

How to Share Files and Folders Over a Network in Windows 10

 Microsoft Windows is the most popular desktop operating system. Windows 10 makes it very easy to share files or folders with other computers over the same network. Today I will show you how to share files and folders over the same network in Windows 10. Prerequisites sharing files and folders Before we start, you will [...]

How to Share Files or Folders Among Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers

There are lots of ways to share files between devices, all major OS like Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS. Sending files from any device required WiFi, data cable, mobile data, or Bluetooth. Sending files using the internet is a lot faster than Bluetooth, but there are some apps that can transfer files like photos, [...]

How to Share Files Between Users on Android Tablet

Its good idea to create multiple users on your Android tablet If the device used by different users. So each user have its own apps and settings. Specially for kids you must have created a different user and apply restriction to it.When we create different users account on Android Tablet, and want to share files [...]

Share Files from Mac OS X Yosemite to PC Windows 8

After upgrading to latest OS X Yosemite you many need to setup again file sharing options. We already posted file sharing guides for different version of OS X like Lion, Mavericks and now for OS X Yosmite. The process to share files from OS X Yosmite to Windows 8 is very much similar to old [...]

How to Share Windows XP Files with Mac OS X

You may want to share files from windows XP to Mac OS X computer. In this guide you will learn how to share files, folder or drive on Windows XP and how to mount a folder or drive on Mac to access shared files/folder or drive. Make sure both Mac and PC are using same wireless [...]


How to Share Files Between OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1

If you have installed Apple’s latest OS X Mavericks on your Mac and on the other side have a PC running Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system, and now want to share OS X Mavericks files with Windows 8.1 then you are at the right place to find the help. Here we’ve compiled step by step [...]

Access Google Nexus 7 Files from Mac

If you have Google Nexus 7 and a Mac then you must know that its not possible to access your Nexus 7 files from Mac via USB cable. But through guide below you can learn the process to make it possible to access Google Nexus 7 files from Mac. Access Google Nexus 7 Files from [...]

AnySend App Share Files Between Android Devices over Wi-Fi

AnySend Android app which makes ease for users to share their files and data between Android devices over wireless connection is available free for download via Google Play and requires Android v2.1 or later. Features Incredibly simple sharing, just select the file, the person, and that’s it Very fast sharing speeds powered by your local network, no [...]

Access PC Windows 7 Files From Mac OS X Lion

If you are using both Mac and PC at your home or office and want to access Windows 7 Files on Mac OS X Lion, in this guide you will see how to do that. If you want to see the reverse method then i have already posted that how to access Mac OS X [...]

Share Files Between Macs Wirelessly using AirDrop – OS X Lion

Apple introduced a new great feature in OS X Lion called AirDrop. Using AirDrop feature you can share files between supported Macs wirelessly even you are not connected to a wireless network. Note: If you are using Mac that are listed below or any latest model then you are ready to use AirDrop. MacBookPro (Late [...]

File Sharing Mac OS X Lion and PC Windows 7

If you want to enable file sharing between OS X Lion and Windows 7 computers then there are some step you need to do first. Follow the steps given below to see how you can share files between OS X Lion and Windows 7 computers. Make sure both Mac and PC are connected with the [...]

How to Access Mac Files from Windows 7

If you have both Mac and PC at home or Office and I am sure you want to either access Mac files from PC or access PC files from Mac. In this guide, you will see how to share Mac files for Windows using Mac OS X Snow leopard and Windows 7. This process is [...]