How to Create Encrypted Zip Files on Mac

If you are a Mac user then guide below will let you know how you can create encrypted Zip file on Mac using Terminal commands and protect your sensitive data. So, it will minimize the damage to your data if someone get unauthorized access to your Mac. Create Encrypted Zip Files on Mac Find “Terminal” [...]

How to Create PDF File in macOS (from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF and more)

PDF (portable document file) is one of the most commonly use file format. Here, we write the method to create PDF file from different Text editors or office automation applications. We use TextEdit as an example you can Follow the same steps to create PDF file from Plain Text file, RTF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. [...]

How to Mount ISO Image Files without Burning on CD/DVD

ISO file is a single file that contains the complete image of a CD or DVD disc. Those ISO image files are most commonly used to transfer CD or DVD images over the internet. In this guide I will be showing you how to mount an ISO image in a virtual drive to extract data [...]

Rename Multiple Files in Windows at Once

To rename multiple files in Windows, here is a very tiny quick tip for windows users. If you want to rename more than one files at once you need to do the following steps: Select all the file that you want to rename in windows Hit the F2 key from the keyboard Enter the desire [...]