How to Sync iPhone Contacts with Gmail Using iTunes

We already posted how to export iPhone contacts as CSV file in Windows 7 or in Windows XP. iTunes gives another option to sync iPhone contact with Gmail. Follow the given steps below to Sync contacts with your Gmail account. Download and install iTunes if you don’t have already on your system. Run iTunes and [...]

How to Disable Google Buzz from Gmail

Buzz is a new service by the internet giant Google. Using Google Buzz you can Share updates, photos, videos, and more and start conversations about the things you find interesting. Some users don’t want to show up Buzz in gmail and want to turn it off. You can disable Google Buzz from gmail, lets see [...]

How to Setup Gmail in Apple Mail

Setting up Gmail in Apple Mail is very easy process, and it takes just a few minutes. Before starting the process we just remind as a prerequisite that you must have a Gmail account to do that, or in case if you have not Gmail account then first create your account on Gmail and then [...]

How to Add Gmail Account to MS Outlook 2007

Want to add Gmail account to Outlook 2007? In corporate environment, we all know that Outlook is the king. On the other hand there comes the big gun called Gmail. You can add your Gmail account to the desktop client like Outlook. But, It’s not that easy to add Gmail account to Outlook 2007. In [...]