How to Factory Reset HTC One M8

Factory reset, Master reset or Hard reset these all words are considered same and when you perform factory reset on your HTC phone, this will take your phone to its initial state when you turned it on first time. There might be few reasons you want to perform factory reset on HTC One M8 phone [...]

How to Transfer Data and Apps from iPhone to HTC One (M8)

If you are going to switch from iPhone to the new HTC One M8 phone then you must want transfer your all content like camera stuff including Pictures and Videos, Contacts, Messages, and more. HTC made it really easy to transfer iPhone data to HTC One M8 phone. See also: Transfer Apps from iPhone to [...]

How to Remote Control TVs and Set-top Boxes with HTC One M8

HTC One M8 comes with built-in IR and instead of using multiple remotes for your TV, Set-up boxes or other devices you can combine all remotes into one and control it with simple one phone. Setting up HTC One (M8) as remote, process is simple and easy lets see how to do that. See Also: [...]

How to Get 65GB of Free Google Drive Space on HTC One

Normally, you can use 15 GB of shared storage space in Google Drive, Photos, Google+ and Gmail and when you exceed this limit of free space you have to pay for extra storage space as per monthly package, which is 100GB for $1.99 and 1TB for $9.99 and so on… See how to get 65 [...]