Optimize Photo Storage On Your iPhone

How to Optimize Photos on Your iPhone and iPad to Free Up Storage Space

Turning on the optimized storage option in the Photos will store the high-resolution version of the photos on the iCloud only and save huge storage space on your device. This feature is a part of iCloud Photos, and you don’t worry about losing hi-res photos or videos. When you open a picture on your iPhone [...]

Delete Contacts on iPhone

How to Delete Contacts on iPhone at Once or Individually

Are you one who wants to delete contacts from iPhone running iOS 13 or later? Do not worry! We have covered how you can delete your all contacts at once without using a PC. Another day, another amazing tutorial for those who have just transferred from android to iOS. In many previous searches many users [...]

backup whatsapp chats to icloud on your iphone

How to Backup WhatsApp Chats on iPhone Including Pictures and Videos

Do you fear of losing your WhatsApp Chats & Data? Here’s how to Backup WhatsApp Chats on iPhone to iCloud drive regularly without using a PC/Mac. You can learn the complete method within 5 minutes. Another day, another amazing tutorial to write on. We all know WhatsApp is one of the best and important application [...]

What to do if your iPhone or iPad is Lost or Stolen!

If you have lost your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or it has been stolen, here is how to find it and make sure your information and data on it is safe. Even if you are unable to find your iPhone, do not worry your data is saved and you can remove your personal data [...]

How to recover your iPhone contacts using iCloud

Losing contacts from your phone is a big problem. Losing contacts mean losing some special old friends, some of your abroad living relatives or your long distance romantic partner to whom you want to contact eagerly. If you open your contacts app and there you find nothing, do not worry it is still possible to [...]

How to Set Up Find My Mac and Locate, Lock or Erase your Mac

If you are an iPhone user, then Find my Mac is same as Find my iPhone. You can find, lock or erase you’re lost or stolen Mac with Find My Mac. So, before anything happens and your Mac goes missing you must set up Find my Mac on it. Once you set it up on [...]

How to Restore iCloud Backup to iPhone or iPad

iCloud backup makes it easy to restore your new or existing iOS device without any problem. Using iCloud backup, you can transfer data from one iOS device to another. You will have the following advantages when you restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from an iCloud backup. All the settings and accounts will restore [...]

How to Download or View iCloud Backup Photos on Windows PC

When you set up an Apple ID with your iOS device and backup photos, videos and other stuff on iCloud. On your Windows PC, you might want to download or view photos that you stored on iCloud backup. Apple allows you to see iCloud backup files on your PC through a browser or using a [...]

How to Backup your iPhone or iPad Data to iCloud / iTunes

Backup your iPhone and iPad data frequently so you will not lose any important stuff on your mobile device. In this guide, you will learn how you can backup iPhone iPad devices on your computer PC or Mac. Backup using a data cable and iTunes or backup on iCloud by just turning on iCloud Backup. [...]

How to Setup iCloud Email Account on Android

Majority of the smartphone owners are often attached to their OS like iOS, Windows platform or Android but often we get to see that the users take leap from one platform to another. The period of transition is smooth; a big thank-you to the increased number of apps coming each day, but making this leap [...]

How to Delete Multiple Contacts in iCloud

If you have a look at your Address book on iPhone/iPad, then you will notice that there are a lot of contacts you have added sometime ago, but now you do not need those any more but still they exist and make your contacts list bulky. On iPhone whenever you have to delete a contact [...]

How to Setup and Use iCloud Keychain on iOS 7 and Mavericks

Apple includes iCloud Keychain service in iOS 7+ and OS X Mavericks v10.9. Here you find instructions to setup iCloud Keychain on iOS 7+ and Mavericks. The iCloud Keychain keeps saved usernames, passwords for applications, Wi-Fi networks, and credit card information which a user can access across all the Apple devices, which are approved once by [...]

How to Set up Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an application that let you allow to locate your lost device including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac. Find My iPhone works in collaboration of Apple’s iCloud service, so its better to setup Find My iPhone on your Apple device by following guide provided below. Note: Find My iPhone is compatible [...]

Stop iOS Asking to “Verify iCloud Password”

According to some of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users “Verify iCloud Password” message popup on their iDevice screens repeatedly which is actually required for iCloud Backup. Normally Verify iCloud Password message appears whenever user unlock his iDevice and its quite annoying to handle it all the time. So, continue reading to know how to disable [...]

Stream Photos from iOS Device to Mac Screen Saver

Mac OS X Mountain Lion+, iPhoto 11+ and iOS 6+ includes feature of Photo Stream, which means you can automatically send a stream of photos taken on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to your Mac screen saver or to Apple TV when connected to Wi-Fi. So, check out the guide below which gives you [...]

How to Back Up iOS Device with iCloud

Apple gives 5GB free iCloud storage, which you can also use to backup data from your iPhone or iPad running over iOS 5 or later. So, just follow the guide below to create backup of your iDevice over iCloud without attaching it to computer and iTunes. See Also: How to Enable iCloud Document Syncing Service [...]

How to Enable iCloud Document Syncing Service

With a lot of other features, iCloud is also capable for file and documents syncing between Macs. Although iCloud documents syncing function is hidden but through following the trick below you can enable it, so continue reading to know how can you reveal syncing function in iCloud. Enable iCloud Documents Syncing Step-1 Click on Apple [...]