BlackBerry PlayBook Internet Tethering over Bluetooth

If you don't have internet access on your PlayBook tablet then you can use internet connection of other devices (BlackBerry smart phone or other devices that have internet access) on your PlayBook table. Follow the steps below to setup Internet Tethering on your PlayBook tablet. First of all both devices, your PlayBook and the device that [...]

Share XOOM Tablet Internet Connection with Computer

If you are using internet on your XOOM Tablet and want to use same internet connection on your computer then you can connect your tablet with computer using USB cable and share XOOM Tablet's internet using the following step by step guide. Motorola XOOM USB tethering works on Windows 7, Vista and Linux Step-1 Connect [...]


Share Internet Connection Windows 7, Set up Wireless ad hoc Network

You can setup an ad hoc network between computers and devices to share internet connection, sharing documents, etc. Ad hoc network can only be wireless, so your computer or device must be wireless capable in other words must have wireless adapter installed. You can share wireless internet connection from PC running Windows 7 without router. [...]

Share MacBook Internet with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

If you are using internet on your Mac and want to share internet with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as well then you can turn your Mac (Macbook Pro, MacBook, iMac, etc.) into WiFi hotspot. You need to setup your Mac to share internet with other wireless devices. Share Mac internet with iPhone, iPad or [...]

Share Internet Connection of Mac with other Wireless Devices

Most of the Mac users don't know that they can use their Mac computer as wireless access point to share their Ethernet internet connection for other wireless devices like Mobile Phones and Laptop computers. Sharing internet connection on Mac is quite easy task just follow the step by step guide given below. This guide is [...]