How to Use Camera LED Flash as Notification Light on Android or iPhone

LED notification is really useful for the people with disabilities or when you placed your phone on desk its LED that you can see from a distance. Your phone might not have notification LED but you can use your camera LED flash as a notification LED light for your phone. There is built-in accessibility option [...]

How to Disable Blur Effects in iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 includes 200+ new features, and one of those is the blurry background that appears in apps like Notification Center, Spotlight, Messages and so on. A lot of iOS 7 users do not like blur effects for applications, and want the solid iOS effect back, so if you are one of those and [...]

How to Enable Guided Access on iPhone and iPad

The iOS 6 was launched with about 200+ new features and one of those is Guided Access. Guided Access restricts users to focus over a specific task or content by disabling access to the other areas of iPhone and iPad screen, which is quite helpful in some specific situations. Guided Access helps students with disabilities such [...]