How to Select And Delete All Emails At Once on iPhone or iPad – Mail

When you have hundreds or thousands of emails message in your inbox, and you want to delete them at once. Selecting each and every email manually and sending it to trash is very time-consuming. iOS 9 users can trash all the emails at once using the “Trash All” option.  But in iOS 10 Apple removed [...]

Use Classic Layout in OS X Lion Mail App

If you are not comfortable with the new layout of Mail app in Mac OS X Lion then there is an option to change the Mail app layout to old Classic view. Open Mail app in OS X Lion Click on Mail menu and select Preferences Select “Viewing” tab and Check the “Use classic layout” [...]

How to Make Text Larger in Mail and Notes Apps on iPad 2

If you are not comfortable with the small font size of iPad’s Mail, Notes apps then there is an option to make font size larger, you can do this by following the steps written below. Note: To change font size for other iPad apps, you have to check settings of that specific application. Step-1 On [...]

How to Set up Exchange Email Account on iPad 2

You can set up different email accounts on your iPad including Microsoft Exchange Email. By setting up Exchange Email account on iPad you can sync Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Follow the given instructions to set up Exchange email account on iPad 2 or iPad 1. Set up exchange email account on iPad Step-1 Tap Settings [...]

How to Change Default Outgoing Mail Account on iPhone

When you setup several email accounts on your iPhone, your device picks up your first added and active email and set it as default outgoing mail address. Now, if you wish to change your default outgoing mail on your iPhone then just follow the simple steps written below to do so. Change default outgoing mail account [...]

How to Setup Gmail on iPhone 4

If you are new to iPhone and want to setup Gmail account on iPhone then there is simple process to do that. Follow the step by step guide to setup Gmail on iPhone 4. Step-1 Tap Settings icon on your iPhone. Step-2 Tap “Mail Contacts, Calendars” option. Step-3 Tap “Add Account…” to add a new [...]

How to Export Windows Live Mail 2011 Messages

You must export and backup your all email messages from the email program you are using, if you want to export and backup Windows Live Mail 2011 emails, you don’t need to use any third party application to backup emails here is an easy way to export and backup messages. You can use this guide [...]