How to Pin Conversations in Messages App on iPhone and iPad

When you pin a conversation in the Messages app this will stay at the top. This is a new feature Apple added in iOS 14 that allows users to pin and unpin conversations in Messages that allow you to locate important conversations easily at the to of the messages list. Let’s see how to pin [...]

Download BiteSMS for iOS 7 to Replace Default Messaging App on iPhone

BiteSMS beta released with the support for iOS 7 and the latest 64 bit A7 processor devices iPhone 5S and 5C, as the app is popular enough and a replacement of the Stock Messages app on iPhone. BiteSMS gives options to compose and reply messages quickly, with some other features like scheduled messages, auto-forward, auto-retry, [...]

How to Delete Messages in iOS 7

A feature which is replaced in iOS 7 is the way to remove messages. In the previous versions of iOS there is an ‘Edit’ button appears at the right hand side of screen when you read your messages, which is disappeared in iOS 7. Now what to do if you want to delete messages on [...]

The “Other” Facebook Inbox

You have noticed that Facebook notifies for the messages from your Facebook friends in Inbox, but there is also a separate Inbox for messages from people who are not your Facebook friends but still can send you messages. In following you can find that how to access hidden Inbox in Facebook. Facebook Other Messages Inbox [...]

Messages Beta for Mac

Alongside, the release of OS X Mountain Lion preview to developers Apple also rolled out Messages beta for Mac, which is available for general public for testing. Messages beta for Mac is free app and it is a replacement of iChat, so when you will install it on your Mac, iChat will disappear although its [...]

Set iPhone Messages Alerts to Repeat at Two Minutes Intervals

You can set your iPhone settings for messages to repeat the alerts number of times at two minutes intervals, following steps and learn more about it. Tap on “Settings” icon on Springboard of your iPhone Tap on “Messages”, to view iPhone messages settings Tap “Play Alert Tone” and chose a number of alerts from available [...]