How to Transfer Pictures from Motorola XOOM to Computer

Motorola XOOM have 5 megapixel camera to take pictures and record 720p HD videos, If you have taken some pictures / record videos using XOOM tablet and want to transfer Pictures, Videos or any other file from your Motorola XOOM tablet then follow the given guide to do that. Connect your Motorola XOOM with PC [...]

Share XOOM Tablet Internet Connection with Computer

If you are using internet on your XOOM Tablet and want to use same internet connection on your computer then you can connect your tablet with computer using USB cable and share XOOM Tablet’s internet using the following step by step guide. Motorola XOOM USB tethering works on Windows 7, Vista and Linux Step-1 Connect [...]

How to set up Gmail Account on Motorola XOOM Tablet

Using Email app on your Motorola XOOM Tablet you can set up Gmail and other email accounts easily. Follow the given steps to set up Gmail on XOOM tablet. Set up Gmail on XOOM Tablet Tap Apps on the home screen Tap Email app icon from the apps list To set up Gmail account, enter [...]

How to Reset Motorola XOOM to Factory Settings

When you are going to perform factory data reset on your Motorola XOOM, then make sure you have backed-up every thing important from XOOM Tablet and saved on your computer. method-1 Reset XOOM Tablet using keys If Motorola XOOM tablet OS is not working then you can reset your device using hardware keys Turn your [...]

Find Motorola XOOM MAC Address

MAC Address is a hardware unique code assigned by the hardware manufacturer. If you need to know the Wi-Fi MAC Address of Motorola XOOM device to connect your Motorola XOOM to a network or due to any other reason then follow the given steps below. Tap “App” from the home screen Tap Settings icon Tap [...]