turn off notifications windows 11

How to Turn Off All, Suggested or Specific App Notifications in Windows 11

Microsoft has built the feature of Notifications for the new onboarded users but it can annoy the regular users. Notifications not only comprise messages for tracking the apps but also Suggestions for the new users on how to effectively use their Windows PC. If you feel any irritation or distraction due to the feature, you [...]

How to Disable WhatsApp Notifications Preview on iPhone

Here is how you can disable WhatsApp notifications preview on your iPhone using simple settings. Are you one who likes privacy and does not want someone to check who is sending you messages or what text someone has sent you on WhatsApp? If there is such case, then you are at the right place where [...]

How to Disable or Turn off Windows 10 Notification Sound

In Windows 10 a new style of notifications which is called ‘Toast Notification’. The notification tile slides out form lower-right corner with sound alert and message text but sometimes notification sound and message alert might disturbing when working in office, watching movie or playing games. Disable Windows 10 Notification Sound If you like windows 10 [...]

How to Get all Android Phone Notifications on Desktop

If you regularly gets notification alerts on your Android mobile device and pick your phone frequently to view notification messages while working on your computer. Sometimes you forgot to check notification because you were working on desktop computer/Laptop. If you don’t want to miss any important notification or just having trouble to pick-up your Mobile [...]

How to Clear all Notifications at once Apple Watch

The appearance of Red dot at the top of Apple Watch means that you have at least one unread notifications. If you care about these notification and want to know how to clear all these notification at once, then instead of swiping one by one which is bit headache just read below to learn how [...]

How to Stop Notifications from Apps on Android Phone

When you have installed dozens of Free apps and games on your Android phone, you definitely will get annoying notifications in shape of Ads or messages that you don’t want to see and usually apps don’t have built-int settings for disable notifications. I have installed different games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Tapped Out, [...]

Find and Block Apps Showing Ads on Android Notification Area

There are lots of free apps available on the Google App Store that you can install on Android device absolutely free, but developer gets benefit by showing ads in notification area or within the application. But a few developers have implemented some annoying advertisement methods. Some time when you install few free apps on your [...]