How to View EXIF Data of Photo on your iPhone

In iOS 15 Apple added lots of new features in the Photos app. Now you can view the EXIF data on your iPhone when you are viewing a picture. Every image automatically saves EXIF information when captured, this information is Shutter speed, aperture, IOS, Camera modal and make, Location, and much more. Do your want [...]

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How to Change the Date and Time of Photos – iOS 15

iOS 15 new feature to adjust the date and time of the photos you have taken with the iPhone is amazing. I tested this feature on iOS 15 beta but this will be available to the public in July. Photos app got lots of updates in iOS 15, some of the new features are: Live [...]

Optimize Photo Storage On Your iPhone

How to Optimize Photos on Your iPhone and iPad to Free Up Storage Space

Turning on the optimized storage option in the Photos will store the high-resolution version of the photos on the iCloud only and save huge storage space on your device. This feature is a part of iCloud Photos, and you don’t worry about losing hi-res photos or videos. When you open a picture on your iPhone [...]

How to Transfer Mac’s Photos Library to an External Hard Drive (macOS)

Free up your space by transferring your Photos library to another external hard drive. By freeing up space you will have valuable space for your work on your Mac. In addition to this, we will help you to back up your whole photo library to iCloud. Why store photos on external drive In today’s world, [...]

How to Download or View iCloud Backup Photos on Windows PC

When you set up an Apple ID with your iOS device and backup photos, videos and other stuff on iCloud. On your Windows PC, you might want to download or view photos that you stored on iCloud backup. Apple allows you to see iCloud backup files on your PC through a browser or using a [...]

How to Capture Better Photos with iPhone

iPhone cameras have brought a new meaning to the world of technology. You no longer need to keep an extra camera with you when you are going for some picnic because your phone will do the task for you. Apple has always modified iPhone camera, but still, there are some essential tips to keep in [...]

Update: Google Photos Gets New Features for iOS

Google Photos is an app for iOS and Android, its home for your all videos and photos. It’s a photo gallery where you can search faster, share and edit your photos and videos. The main thing is it can back-up your all the photos and videos automatically. Recently Google has released an update of Google [...]

How to Delete iPhone or iPad Pictures Permanently

In iOS 8 when you delete some pictures or videos from your iPhone to get some storage space, actually its not deleting form your iPhone, its still exist and taking up space. Actually when you delete pictures in iOS 8 from any album its transferred to another album named “recently deleted”. This feature of iOS [...]

iSelfie: Remote Control for your iOS Camera

For iOS users iSelfie is a free app that makes easy for selfies to take photos by pairing two of iDevices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It means one device will remotely control the camera of other device and let you allow to take photos remotely. On both of your iDevices you have to install iSelfie [...]

Use AlbumShare on iPhone to Create and Share Photo Albums

Album Share is an app for iPhone that allows user to create photo albums and send as a text message to others. By using Album Share you just have to add photos to an album from Camera Roll of iPhone, and send it as SMS to your contacts with an integrated web link, which the [...]

Turn Your Face into Cartoon with iMediaFace iPhone / iPad App

Do you want to create avatar from your own picture? Then give a try to iMadeFace application which works for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and let you allow to turn your picture into a cartoony face, which you can use for social networks. Description Millions of unique faces are generated from the facial feature [...]

Turn on iPhone Flash in Panorama Mode [Cydia Tweak]

Taking Panorama through iPhone Camera is an exciting feature of iOS 6+ but its glaring omission is that you can not turn ON iPhone’s LED flash during that process, so there would be an issue of perfect lightning which is required for capturing a bright Panorama. Users with jailbroken iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, or iPod [...]

How to Enable Still Captures while Shooting Video on iPod Touch 5G

The iPhone 5 users experienced that you can capture photos at the same time while you are shooting video on your iDevice but this functionality is missing in iPod Touch 5G. Now if you want to enable still captures while shooting video on iPod Touch 5G then continue reading after the break, to find its [...]

How to Enable Automatic Facebook Photo Sync on iPhone and Android

Facebook brings a new feature Photo Sync for iPhone and Android users, which can automatically uploads photos taken on your mobile device to your “Synced from Phone” Facebook photo album. Through guide below you can learn how to enable automatic Facebook photo sync feature on iPhone and Android. Enable Automatic Facebook Photo Sync on iPhone [...]

How to Shoot Vertical Panorama Photos on iPhone

Apple has included Panorama Photos capability in iOS 6 firmware, which is quite an appreciated feature that let you allow to take wide range of landscape photos with your iPhone’s camera. Normally, users shoot horizontal panorama photos with iPhone but here is a quick tip to take vertical panorama photos which will be more clear [...]

Instagram v3.0.4 for Android Adds Photo Maps and New Design

With the release of updated Instagram v3 for iOS, Instagram v3.0.4 for Android is also available as a free download via Google Play. This photo sharing app for Android is updated with new features and new design for user profiles and more. Instagram v3.0.4 for Android Updates: Introducing Photo Maps! A fun, new way of [...]

Microsoft Released Photosynth v1.1.3 for iOS

Microsoft has released Photosynth v1.1.3 for iOS with some performance optimization for iOS 5 and some other new features. Photosynth app facilitates to create panoramic images through iPhone or iPad and then share on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Updates Share to Twitter on iOS5 iOS5 performance optimizations Bug fixes Photosynth app is free foe [...]

How to Delete Multiple Photos on iPhone or iPad

If you have a lot of photos on your iPhone or iPad, and want to delete some of those to make some empty space then head to guide below to know the process to do so. See also: How to Email Multiple Photos from iPhone or iPad How to Backup iPad 2 Apps, Photos, Videos, [...]

Download PhotoToaster Jr App for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

PhotoToaster Jr by East Coast Pixels, Inc. is a well designed photo app that makes photo processing a fun on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with a lot of options which are not present in native photo editing functionality of these devices. Description PhotoToaster Jr. combines all the essential ingredients for photo processing in a [...]

How to Transfer Photos from One Album to Another on Facebook

To organize the uploaded photos you need to move them from one to another album, several times, which you may do by following the guide below. Transfer Photos from One Album to Another on Facebook Step-1 Log in to your Facebook account Step-2 In left panel of screen click on “Photos” > “My Uploads” Step-3 [...]

How to Transfer Pictures from Motorola XOOM to Computer

Motorola XOOM have 5 megapixel camera to take pictures and record 720p HD videos, If you have taken some pictures / record videos using XOOM tablet and want to transfer Pictures, Videos or any other file from your Motorola XOOM tablet then follow the given guide to do that. Connect your Motorola XOOM with PC [...]

Add Photo to a Contact on Galaxy Tab

If you like to add photo to a contact individually on your Samsung Galaxy tab then follow the steps written below to do so. Add Photo to a Contact on Galaxy Tab Step-1 On “Home” screen, tap on Applications tap Contacts icon Step-2 There tap on your required contact to which you want to add [...]

Transfer Pictures from Computer to iPhone

A guide to transfer picture form iPhone to computer is already available Here and today i received a comment that how can i transfer pictures form computer to iPhone 4. Follow the given steps below to transfer pictures form your computer to iPhone. Step-1 Connect your iPhone with computer and run iTunes. Step-2 Select your [...]