How to change spacing between Desktop Icons Windows 11 / 10

I just updated my Windows to its new features release version and when it came back to the desktop after installing the update, I saw the spacing between the icon is increased. I totally didn’t like the way now they show the icons. I am not sure it’s only me that seeing the icon that [...]

How to Enable Num Lock on Computer Startup Windows 10

Do you have a problem num lock not turned on when booting the computer or you turn the num lock on and the num lock gets disabled when you reboot the computer? Most people use numeric codes for their computer passwords instead of using long alphabet characters. Windows 10 allows users to quickly sign-in with [...]

How to Customize Send to Menu in Windows

Do you want to customize send to context menu in Windows 10 or older versions? If you don’t know what a ‘Send to’ menu is then you can find this every time whenever you right-click on any file, folder, document or media files and then select Send to from context menu that contain different options [...]

How to Change Logon and Logoff Sounds in Windows 8

Windows 7 and XP have options to change Logon and Logoff sounds in Control Panel but in Windows 8 those options are hidden. To enable Change Logon and Logoff sounds in Windows 8 here is a guide which let you allow to do that with a registry hack, so continue reading after the break to [...]

Customize Context Menu in Windows 7

When you right click, the Context menu in Windows Explorer just provides a limited list of actions, but if you want to include any action of your choice to Context menu then here is a free utility File Menu Tools which can do that very easily and also gives many other options to customize context [...]

How to Disable USB Ports to Block USB Storage Devices in Windows 7

USB storage devices are so common these days almost everyone owns USB storage device in shape of small flash drives, external hard disks, mobile phones, cameras, and lots of other portable devices. So if you want to secure your computer from stealing data, viruses or any other risks then simply disable the USB ports for [...]

Speed Up Shut Down Time Windows 7

If some programs are running in Windows 7 and you Shut Down it then Windows 7 will spend some time to save data and close running programs before shutting it down. By default this time is 12 seconds in Windows 7 but you can reduce this time to speed up the shut down time. Its [...]

Add Copy To / Move To Options on Windows 7, Vista or XP Right-Click Menu

By default in Windows 7, Vista and XP OS has Cut and Copy option available in the windows explorer right-click menu. To increase your working speed you can customize this menu by adding Copy To / Move To option. To do that you need some registry modifications. Either you can download these registry tweaks extract [...]