Taking a screenshot on your Mac

Taking a screenshot on your Mac

Capture the Mac screen according to your requirements, like the entire screen, a specific window, or even and a portion of the screen or window. In this guide, you will learn all the methods to take screenshots on Mac. You will see how you can take a screenshot using the following methods. Using keyboard shortcuts [...]

Take Full Webpage Screenshot in Safari on iphone or ipad

How to Take Full Webpage Screenshot in Safari on iPhone / iPad

Here is how you can take full page screenshots in Safari browser on iPhone & iPad running on iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 or later version. Another day, another amazing tutorial for iPhone & iPad users. If you are using the latest version of iOS on your device then you should consider this tutorial a [...]

How to Change Default Screenshot Folder Location in Windows

Usually, when you press print screen button from the keyboard in Windows, the current screen view will be saved to the clipboard. With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft added a new way to take screenshots, when you press keyboard keys Windows+printScreen buttons in Windows 8, 10 or later versions. A screenshot image PNG automatically [...]

How to Capture Individual UI Elements Screenshots in Windows

Capturing screenshots and sending it to someone to demonstrate something that is not easy to explain by typing or just in words. You can capture a screenshot of anything showing on your computer screen by just pressing “prt sc” (print screen) button available on your keyboard. “prt sc” will instantly copy the current screen picture [...]

Multiple Ways to Capture Screenshots in Windows

Sometimes you need to capture a screenshot and send it to someone, so screenshots are helpful when you are in the middle of any problem and need support by showing what’s happening on your screen. You can save on-screen information with one button click and save as image files like png or jpg. In this [...]

How to Capture Scrolling Screenshot like Galaxy S7 On Any Android Device

Want to capture scrolling screenshot on Android device? Samsung newly released devices like Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7 comes with a new and amazing feature which lets you to take a screenshot vertically to capture the entire website or app scrolling screen but the thing is this feature is still a Samsung exclusive feature. [...]

How to Take Screenshot on LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P

In this guide you will learn how to take screenshot on Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P. Smartphones have made our lives easier in many cases but the case is not always same. When you buy a new smartphone, it always takes some time to understand all of its features. Same is the case with [...]

How to Take Screenshot on Apple Watch

Taking screenshot on iPhone, iPad is really useful and you can show something or get easy help by sending a screenshot to someone and show what happening on your screen. Wondering how to take screenshot on Apple Watch? If you already familiar with how to take screenshot on iPhone or iPad then taking screenshot on [...]

How to Take Screenshot Samsung Galaxy S6

You may heard that “picture worth a thousand words”, that’s right instead of explaining what happening on your Galaxy S6 screen you can take screenshot and send it to someone for better understanding. There are different ways to take screenshot on Galaxy S6 like taking screenshot with buttons, palm swipe or using Assistant menu. So, [...]

How to Capture Mouse Cursor in Screenshot on Windows

On different versions of Microsoft Windows, you can capture screenshots using print screen (prt sc) button from your computer keyboard. You can use this print screen key with the combination of another key for instance – in combination with the Alt key to capturing only the active window as a screenshot. But capturing the screenshot [...]

How to Capture Screenshot in Windows and Save Automatically In a Folder

In previous versions of Windows, when you press print screen (prtsc) button from the keyboard, it saves the screenshot to windows clipboard, and you need to paste it in an image editing tool to save it. If you want to take multiple screenshots, then this might be the problem because you need to save the [...]

How to Take Screenshot of Whole Web Page in Chrome

Obtaining a screenshot of a whole web page is a little bit tricky, as normally by using print screen you only capture the portion of a webpage, which is viewable on screen. Now, if you want to capture full webpage and you are using Google Chrome web browser then here is an extension that let [...]

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4

The guide below will let you know that how you can take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S4. To capture screenshot on Galaxy S4 you do not need to install any app or root S4, so continue after the break to know that how to perform this task. Capture Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 with [...]

How to Take Screenshot on Nexus 7 Tablet

Nexus 7 is recently launched tablet by Google equipped with latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Now, if you want to take screenshot on Nexus 7 then follow the instructions written below to do so. How to Take Screenshot on Nexus 7 Step-1 Press and hold “Volume down” + “Power” buttons at the same time for [...]

How to Take Screenshot on Playbook Tablet Screen

PlayBook has a built-in screen capture function that helps users to take screenshots quickly without installing any application. Follow the steps below to know how you can capture PlayBook tablet screen. How to Take Screenshot on Playbook Note: While your Playbook is connected to a RIM’s smartphone through Blackberry Bridge app meanwhile screen capture option [...]

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab

To take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab is very simple as compare to other Android devices. Its just a one step process, for which you do not require any special app or root access to your Android Galaxy tab. Take Screenshot on Galaxy Tab To take screenshot press “Power” and “Back” buttons simultaneously and you [...]

How to Change Default Screenshot File Format on Mac

Some time you need to capture screenshot in Mac and want to save in specific file format. On Mac OS X the default file format for screen shot is PNG but if you want that your Mac must save screen shots in any other file format for example as JPG, GIF or PDF then just [...]

How to Set Timer to Take Screenshot on Mac Using Terminal

If you want to take screenshots of any movie or application with a specific time interval on Mac OS X then manually it is a little bit difficult task to manage. So, here we are writing a simple method which let you allow to take unlimited screenshots automatically and you may also set time interval [...]

How to Take Screenshot On Mac Using Terminal Commands

The terminal allows to capture screenshots after a specific time interval and you can also save a screenshot in some other file formats like JPG, TIFF, etc otherwise by default Mac saves screenshots in PNG format. How to Take Screen Shot Via Terminal On Mac Follow the method written below to take a screenshot on [...]

Using New Screenshot Option in Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 comes with another new screen capturing option. You can easily capture screens of any running application or desktop and insert into office 2010 application like Word, Excel, PowerPoint with simple 2 clicks. This built-in screen capturing option is very handy instead of installing any third party utility or using print screen key [...]