How to Check if Your PC Supports Secure Boot

How to Check if Your PC Supports Secure Boot

Secure Boot is one of the System requirements for Windows 11 installation. So, to check whether your PC has support for Secure Boot or not the simple and easiest way is here. What is Secure Boot by the way? The Secure Boot is a BIOS settings in modern laptops and desktop computers. Secure Boot option [...]

How to Block Spam Text Messages on US Carrier

Spam messages not only derail the activity of a mobile user, instead these messages also be dangerous enough and can grab confidential information from a user in very simple manner. So, its a better approach to block unwanted text messages on phone through your cellular carriers, US carriers are doing their best to minimize spam. [...]

How to Password Protect Google Chrome Browser

Chrome users who are quite security conscious and want to apply some password to their web browser must try Browser Lock add-on with Chrome. Browser Lock allows you to set a password to Chrome so that you can stop other people from accessing your browser while you left your browser open. So, by following simple [...]

Display Contact info on Login/Lock Screen of OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion gives an option to add a message on login or lock screen, showing “If found please return…” and contact info on the screen is great idea incase of missplaced, lost or theft. Follow the given instruction to display a message on login or Lock screen on OS X Lion. Step-1 Open [...]

How to Set a Password on BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

You can set a password on your PlayBook tablet, so anyone try to unlock and use it then have to enter password first. Lets see how to set password on PlayBook Tablet. Set password on PlayBook tablet Tap “Settings” icon top-right on the status bar or swipe from top frame toward center of the screen [...]

How to Set Password on iPad 2

Its better to protect your iPad with a passcode and iOS provides passcode lock option to protect your iPad, either you can set up a numeric or alphanumeric passcode on your iPad. When you set password on iPad 2, nobody can use your iPad or access data without entering password, follow the given steps to [...]

How to Enable or Disable JavaScript in Different Browsers

Different browsers requires that you must enable javascript of your browser. To enable javascript following instructions describe you how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Enable Javascript in Internet Explorer (7.0) 1. Select Tools > Internet Options. 2. Click on the Security tab. 3. Click the Custom Level button. 4. Scroll down to the Scripting [...]