How to Add Camera Shortcut to Lock Screen on Samsung Galaxy S4

The guide below will help you people to know the process of adding camera or favorite apps shortcuts to the Samsung Galaxy S4 lock screen. So have a look at the steps after the break if you wish to add shortcuts of apps to Galaxy S4 home screen. Add Camera or Favorite Apps Shortcuts to Galaxy S4 Lock [...]

Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts [Time Save]

We have already posted a collection of Windows 7 General keyboard shortcuts and now we posting a collection of windows 7 keyboard shortcuts that you can use with the combination of Windows key. These Windows 7 hot keys will defiantly speedup your daily life computer work see all the list below and choose what shortcuts [...]

Windows 7 General Keyboard Shortcuts [Time Save]

Time saving keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Windows 7. Personally, I use keyboard shortcuts for Windows and different other programs that save my time and effort. Press this To do this F1 Open Windows Help Ctrl+C Copy the selected item(s) Ctrl+X Cut the selected item(s) Ctrl+V Paste the selected item(s) Ctrl+Z Undo a step Ctrl+Y Redo [...]

Create New Folder with Keyboard Shortcut

I always to right click to create new folder in windows at last Windows 7 has included a keyboard shortcut to create a new folder, by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N keys from keyboard , it quickly creates New Folder and you can rename it as you want. This is a nice addition in Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts. [...]