Skype in Windows 7, Minimize to Notification Area Instead of Taskbar

Skype 4.2 windows 7 taksbar, the new version of Skype is stays on the Windows 7 Taskbar when the main windows of Skype is closed like MSN Messenger behavior and its not minimizing to the notification area (System Tray) . Personally i don’t like the way it should be in the Notification Area (System Tray). [...]

How to Minimize Windows Live Messenger to System Tray in Windows 7

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 7 and have installed Windows Live Messenger on Windows 7, you’ve  probably noticed the annoying behavior that Windows Live Messenger won’t minimize to system tray rather it stays put on the taskbar. Luckily there’s a simple solution to this annoying behavior of Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7. Minimize Windows [...]

How to Enable Quick Launch Bar to the Taskbar in Windows 7

The Taskbar in Windows 7 has many interesting new features. It has the ability to dock items on it which combines the Taskbar and Quick Launch feature. But you might miss the classic Quick Launch Bar that we have in earlier Windows. Although that you really do not need it with Windows 7, having the [...]

Close Multiple Open Programs Quickly

Hold Ctrl key and click on each open programs button on the taskbar, Once you have selected the program buttons that you want to close right click on one of selected button and select Close Group. There are also some other options like Cascade, Minimize and Tile Horizontally / Vertically