How to Add Caption to Figure, Picture, Table or Objects in Word 2013

Captions for Figures, Pictures, Tables or other document objects are really useful to give label and numbering to figures in the document. Captions mostly used to create table of figures, picture, etc just like creating table of contents in a word document. Basically caption is just a label with a auto generated number, you can [...]

How to Create Table of Figures in Word 2013

Table of figures is very similar to table of contents and you can list your illustrations, figures used in your word document on one page. Using table of figures, its really easy to find specific illustration, pictures or any other figure that you add to the list. Creating a table of figures in Microsoft Word [...]

How to Create Table of Contents in Word 2013 (TOC)

In-case you are creating a very long document in Word, managing or creating a Table of contents can be very annoying. But not anymore because Word 2013 has the option to automatically create  a list of table of contents according to your document, and we published a guide create TOC in word 2010 and 2007 [...]

How to Print Background Color and Images in Word

By default Microsoft Word would not print page background color or images, because most of the time you don’t need to print background images or colors in word documents. But, if you want to print background color in word then you can set the option to show background in Print view and print it as [...]

How to Change the Ruler Units from Inches to Centimeters or others in Word

Ruler in Microsoft Word document are very useful when it comes to measure something. There are different ruler units are available in Word and some people are comfortable with ruler in inches and others with centimeters or points, you can change the ruler units in word as you like in inches, centimeters, milometers, and more. [...]

How to Hide, Delete or Clear Recent Documents List in Microsoft Word

Microsoft word shows the recent documents list to open documents quickly that you opened recently and you can control this list and change the number of documents to be displayed in the list. Some people even don’t want to show what they are working on so Word gives option to hide, clear recent documents or [...]

Email a Document Directly from Word 2013 and Excel

Do you know you can send emails directly from Microsoft Word and Excel? Yes, you can send Word document as an email body and Excel spreadsheets as an Attachment file or single sheet as an email body directly from the Word or Excel itself. See also: Add Calculator in Excel Toolbar Email a Document from [...]

How to Remove all Images From Word Document Without Losing Text Formatting

Some time we copy data from different websites and it contains different graphic elements pictures or images that we don’t want to include in our Word document. Its really difficult to remove all images or graphic elements one by one from that copied data. By using simple find and replace method in Word we can [...]

How to Customize Bullet and Number Lists in Word 2013

Microsoft Word gives option to format bullet or numbered list. You can apply different style on all or individual bullets. Applying few styles to lists in your Word document will standout your work from others. See also: Create Table of Contents in Word As you can see below in screenshot, list number 3 & 4 [...]

How to Edit PDF File in MS Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 includes a very useful feature that allows users to edit PDF files. So, through steps written below you may learn how to convert PDF text into editable Word 2013 document and again save it as PDF. Edit PDF File in MS Word 2013 Step-1 Launch MS Word 2013, and to open your [...]