Paddle Quest Windows Phone Pong Game

Paddle Quest is a free Windows Phone pong game, which let you allow to battle it out by trying to get the ball inside the other persons goal area. It also provides stats in visualized graph, Store System to buy power ups, and various strategic effects to the game. You can download Paddle Quest for [...]

PayPal App for Windows Phone

The official PayPal app for Windows Phone is live at Windows Phone App store with a modern interface and about all of the features required by PayPal users. Features Send and request money Manage your account Safe and secure PayPal transactions “Local” feature allows to find local merchants who are using Paypal Here™ service, so [...]


Microsoft Releases New Nature Wallpapers for Windows Phone

In collaboration with a London based graphic designer Levi Freeman, Microsoft has released 8 New Nature wallpapers for Windows Phone mobile devices. You can download any of new nature wallpaper for your Windows Phone by visiting the integrated link below, where you can also download wallpaper by scanning its correspondent QR code. Download Nature Wallpapers [...]

Skype for Windows Phone

Microsoft has rolled out Skype for Windows Phone which is now in final state, as previously in February 2012, Skype beta for Windows Phone was released at Mobile World Congress. Skype for Windows Phone allows users to make calls free of charge over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks. The latest Skype for Windows Phone supports [...]

Skype Beta for Windows Phone

Skype beta app for Windows Phone is out there and available through Windows Phone Marketplace for devices running over Windows Phone 7.5+ OS. Right now the supported Windows Phone devices with Skype beta are: Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800, HTC Titan, HTC Radar, Samsung Focus S, Samsung Focus Flash and many others are on [...]

How to Sync Multiple Google Calendars with Windows Phone

Finally, Google has enabled the feature to Sync Multiple Calendars through Google account to Windows Phone devices. At the moment official support is provided to sync 25 Google calendars to Windows Phone. Through guide below you can learn the process to do so, which is quite easy. See also: How to Set up Gmail in [...]

Face Swap for Windows Phone

A fun app Face Swap for Windows Phone is released by Microsoft Research and available free for download via Windows Phone Market place. Description Face Swap provides a simple, quick and fun way to swap people’s face using a photo taken with others. All you need to do is take a photo/select the one you [...]


Download SkyDrive for Windows Phone

Microsoft pushed SkyDrive for Windows phone whereas SkyDrive for iDevices is also released through App Store and available free for download. Description "SkyDrive from Microsoft is the place to store your files so you can access them from virtually any device. Windows Phone has built-in access to SkyDrive right from the Office and Pictures hubs. [...]

Install Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2

Here is a great news for HTC HD2 owners that now they can install Windows Phone 7 on HD2 mobile phones. Windows Phone 7 is not officially available for HTC HD2 but DFT (Dark Forces Team) managed to develop and run Windows Phone 7 on HD2. See the video below Windows Phone 7 on HD2. [...]

Set up Windows Live Account on Windows Phone 7 Mobile

If you didn't set up Windows Live ID during phone set up on first start or you may want to set up more than one Windows Live IDs, then you can do this by following the steps given below. To make set up of Windows Live Account in Windows Mobile you have to get connect [...]

Unlock Windows Phone 7 with ChevronWP7

Now you can unlock Windows Phone 7 without Marketplace developer account. Chevronwp7 manage to develop this unlock tool for Windows Phone 7. Chevronwp7.exe is just simple executable file to unlock Windows Phone 7 devices. Just connect your WP7 device with computer and do few click to unlock the device. This unlock tool is safe and [...]

Share Pictures from Windows Phone 7 (Facebook, SkyDrive, Text, Email)

On your Windows Phone 7 mobile phone you can take and share pictures with friends via Text or Email Messages, upload on Facebook or SkyDrive. In following you can learn how to share pictures using Windows Phone 7 mobile phone. On "Start" screen of your Windows Phone 7 mobile phone tap "Pictures" Navigate to the [...]

How to Change Background of Pictures Hub Windows Phone 7

If you are getting bored with background of Pictures hub on your Windows Phone 7 mobile then following simple steps guide you to choose a new picture for Pictures hub background. Change Background of Pictures Hub on Windows Phone 7 On Start screen tap "Pictures" Then Tap and Hold on blank space on background of [...]

How to Assign Ringtone to Contact on Windows Phone 7

If you want to assign dedicated ringtone for a contact on your Windows Phone 7 mobile phone then follow the process written below. Assign / Change Ringtone for a Contact On "Start" screen, tap "People" and flick to "All" Tap on the required contact to which you want to assign ringtone and then tap "Edit" [...]

How to Pin Things to Start on Windows Phone 7 Mobile

Windows Phone 7 gives option to pin different things to Start screen of mobile phone like apps, contacts, web site, location, album etc. In following you will see how to pin different things to Start screen on Windows Phone 7 device. On "Start" screen, flick left to the App list Then tap and hold the [...]

How to Reset HTC HD7 to Factory Settings using Buttons

If you reset your phone to factory settings then your personal data will be erased from your mobile phone. So better to take backup of Emails, Contact, Text messages, etc before performing factory reset on HTC HD7. Lets see how to reset HTC HD7 to factory settings. If your Phone is working and you have [...]

Set up Facebook Account on Windows Phone 7

If you once set up Facebook account on Windows Phone 7 device then you can access your Facebook information throughout your phone for example in the Pictures hub, People hub and the Me card. In following you may learn the process to set up Facebook account on Windows Phone 7 device. Before starting the process [...]

How to Set up Yahoo! Email Account on Windows Phone 7

If you want to set up your Yahoo! Mail account on your Windows Phone 7 mobile phone then follow the given instructions to do that. Before proceeding further this is important to know that to make set up Yahoo email account on Windows Phone 7 mobile, your device must be connected to internet via Wi-Fi [...]

How to Pair Bluetooth Headset with Windows Phone 7 Mobile

If you want to pair Bluetooth headset with or any other Bluetooth accessory like Speakers, car kits here is the guide to Pair Bluetooth device with Windows Phone 7 mobile. Tap "Arrow" on Start screen or Slide to left on Window Phone 7 mobile. Tap "Settings" then "Bluetooth" menu. Turn the Bluetooth status On by [...]

Connect to WiFi Network on Windows Phone 7

Instead of using cellular data network on your mobile you can use WiFi network to enjoy much faster internet. You can connect to WiFi network available in your location or you can Share your Mac or PC internet with Windows Phone, see how to share Mac internet or PC internet with Windows Phone 7. Tap [...]

How to Reset Windows Phone 7 Mobile to Factory Settings

Resetting your mobile phone to factory settings means you are going to erase everything from your mobile including your personal data Emails, Contacts, Text Messages, etc. So its better to take backup of your impotent stuff when you are going to reset Windows Phone 7 mobile phone to factory settings. Lets see how to reset [...]

How to Import SIM Contacts in Windows Phone 7

If you have contacts in your SIM card and want to copy to Windows Phone 7 here is quickly and easy way to do that, Just follow the given steps to transfer SIM contact in Windows Phone 7. You can use this guide to copy SIM contacts on any Mobile Phone installed Windows Phone 7. [...]

Download Windows Phone 7 Emulator 32bit / 64bit one Setup File

Download Windows Phone 7 Emulator one setup file with preloaded image. You don't need to install Visual Studio Express or Windows Phone SDK to run this full working Windows Phone 7 emulator. Just Download emulator setup file, install it, run it and enjoy the Windows Phone 7 emulator. Mirror-1: Emulator 32bit version / Emulator 64bit [...]