iOS 7 New Features

The new Apples iOS, iOS 7 has lot of new features and now you can control everyday tasks much more easily, faster and with more fun. Some of new iOS 7 feature like Control Center, AirDrop for iOS and smarter multitasking are amazing.


Control center

Now by just swipe up from any screen you have quick access to Airplane mode, Wifi on/off, brigthness control and much more.

iOS 7 control center

Notification Center

Access notification center from any screen including lock screen, a new feature “today” of Notification Center will gives you summary of today and of course it will let you know about missed calls to-dos, mail.

ios 7 notification center ios 7 notification center today


Tap share, Select person next to you and Share photos, videos, contacts or anything from an app.
AirDrop transfers are encrypted
You are visible to your contacts those iOS 7 or you can Make yourself visible to anyone or not.

ios 7 airdrop send ios 7 airdrop

Smart Multitasking

Now iOS 7 learns and updates content of you apps before you launch them. Press Home button twice to see preview of open apps, just swipe-up to quit the app, Schedules updates is more power efficient, so you battery isn’t drained unnecessarily.

iOS 7 multitaksing ios 7 multitasking


iOS 7 Camera app, alll shooting formats like still, video panorama and now square. With new filters you may like retro feel or just black and white effect or may be just want to adjust some brightness and contrast.

camera still ios 7 camera ios 7 camera video ios 7 camera panorama


Now in iOS 7 Safari comes with more browsing area, unified smart search for URLs and keywords. Swipe to go back and forward a page.

ios 7 safari bookmarks ios 7 safari new tabs ios 7 safari settings ios 7 safari

iTunes Radio

Streaming your favorite radio stations, available on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Mac, PC and Apple TV.
More than 200 genre based stations or station inspired by music you listen or choose.
View history, tap to download from iTunes.

ios 7 itunes radio jazz  ios 7 itunes radio my stations  ios 7 itunes radio


Siri in iOS 7, redesigned.
New male and female voice.
More quick answers or your questions.
Use more sources like Bing, Wikipedia and Twitter.

ios 7 siri askios 7 siri helpios 7 siri jupiteios 7 siri twitter

App Store

Apps Near Me feature shows you popular apps relevant to your current location.
View collection of apps for children based on age in Dedicated Kids category.

ios 7 appstore popularios 7 appstore kids

Find my iPhone

iOS 7 new security feature, Apple ID and Password required for turning Find my iPhone off or erasing device. Even you device is erased it continue to display custom message and need Apple ID and password to reactivate it.

ios 7 find my iphone eraseios 7 find my iphone lost

Upcoming feature

A new feature iOS in the Car coming in 2014, you can connect your iPhone with the iOS based built-in display of vehicle. You can Make phone calls, play music, send/receive messages, get directions and ask Siri eyes free.

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Shuja Ullah June 12, 2013, 11:03 am

Trickyways thanks for updates for iOS 7.

Gonz June 12, 2013, 11:52 am

Airdrop is nice addition to iPhone iOS.

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