How to Recover WhatsApp Video, Photos and Audio Android Phone

WhatsApp is most popular and if you are a smartphone user then must be addicted to this app and have lots of conversations with friends by sending messages, photos, audios and videos. If you have deleted any pictures, video or audio media files from WhatsApp and you want to recover it from you Android phone then follow this recovering method. You can find and recover deleted media until you delete them permanently from your device. Process to recover WhatsApp data is very easy just follow the given steps below.

Recover WhatsApp Videos and Photos

Previously we posted how to recover deleted WhatsApp message form backup file and now recovering videos or pictures is very much similar and WhatsApp use the same location to save media files as well. Continue reading to find WhatsApp videos and pictures location and recover it.

  • Run file explorer app on your Android device and look for a folder named WhatsApp in internal storage. You can also connect your Android device with the computer and open the required media folder using Windows file explorer as i did.
  • In this WhatsApp folder you will find some folders like Databases, Media and Profile Pictures etc. Open the Media folder and this folder contains all the stuff like videos, audio, voice notes, images, wallpapers, calls, etc that you either sent or received.
    1 Each WhatsApp Images, Video, Audio folders contains a folder with the name Sent, this folder contains all the files that you sent to someone. Open any of them to recover your data.

Note: You can’t recover deleted WhatsApp files, if you have choose the option “delete media from phone” while deleting from WhatsApp application. Because when you select this option, this removes the select file from the Android phone storage permanently.


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