Apple Unveils iOS 9 – New Features and Released Date

Apple’s iOS 9 is officially announced at WWDC today and it seems Siri got big chunk in this iOS upgrade. iOS 9 comes with new features for Siri, Spotlight, Maps, HomeKit, CarPlay and more. Complete list of new features, apps and performance upgrades are mentioned below. You can also see the release date for iOS 9 below.

ios 9 release date new features

Siri will get lots of new features in iOS 9 update, more faster and accurate virtual assistant than before. Siri is now more like Google Now that will suggest you apps and other stuff according to the time, your habits and location. You can ask Siri to find all pictures taken at LA and you can also play with calender and set reminder without typing.

Split Screen – Multitasking
Multitasking feature in iOS 9 that you can use to split screen on your iPad and use two apps at once. Multitasking feature very similar to Split-screen feature that Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs using from a long time


Deep linking search that allow Spotlight searches to find stuff within apps. Unit conversion right in Spotlight search and more.

Passbook is now Wallet
The name for the app Passbook is changed to Wallet, If you are Passbook user you don’t need to worry about it, everything will be same just name changed from Passbook to Wallet.

Maps – Transit directions
Maps app in iOS 9 is getting transit direction features for buses, subways, ferries and trains. This transit directions features will be available for more than 20 cities: New York, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Beijing and more.

Required Storage Space
If you are using 16GB device then you will be happy to hear that: now you don’t need to fight for space when updating. iOS 9 will need 1.8GB of free space on your device instead 4.6GB that iOS 8 needed.

Notes app
A new face of Notes app in iOS 9 that you can use to create your To-Do lists, insert images using camera or from library, add more content from Maps and more.

Other iOS 9 Updates

  • Apple HomeKit and CarPlay services updated in iOS 9 with support of some new accessories, device and cars.
  • Also a new News app introduced for iPhone and iPad and this new app initially will be available only in US, UK and Australia.
  • Battery life of iPhone and iPad using iOS 9 will allow you to use your devices from more hours in low power mode that can handle background process and apps intelligently.

iOS 9 Release Date

  • If you are a registered Apple developer then go ahead and download iOS 9 Beta 1.
  • iOS 9 Beta1 isn’t available yet for public and you have to wait till July.
  • iOS 9 Final version will be available this Fall.
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