How to Change Login Screen Background on Windows 10

Windows 10 is here and all of you must be enjoying it at its fullest. Here we are going to discuss how to change the login screen background on Windows 10. Windows 10 has a lock screen and a login screen. As far as lock screen is concerned, you can easily change the background of the screen. You cannot change the background of the login screen on Windows 10 that easily but there is some trick through which you can apply your desired background on the login screen.

Change Login Screen Background Windows 10

In order to be able to change the logon screen color or background with an image of your choice, you will have to download this app for free from GitHub. The app is named as “Windows 10 Login background changer”. While running this app you may receive several popup warning messages, but always press continue, it is pretty simple to use. Click the image icon as show below, choose any image of your choice from your computer to set as the background image of the logon screen.

change login screen background windows 10

Once you select the new image from PC, this will hide the settings panel to show you how the new background looks like or you can click the Lock Windows button on the top to lock your Windows and see the actual login screen. If you are happy with the background image then click the Edit Background button on the top to bring the panel back and hit the Apply Changes button to save the settings.


Solid color background

You can also set solid color background, this utility contains some extra colors to apply as login background that are not available by default in Windows 10. To choose a color, hit the drop-down menu to select a color and then click Preview to see the changes.

Remove login screen avatar

If you want to remove the account avatar from the login screen, you can do that as well. Go to the drive C:\Users\Public\AccountPictures. You will see a folder there with alphanumeric string. All you need to do is change the name of the folder with anything else and next time when you will log in to your screen, the avatar will be gone. This will give a nice, unique look to your login screen. Just make sure to make all these changes while you are logged in with administrator.

Load default login background

To restore original Windows 10 login screen background simply hit the Restore Defaults available at the bottom of panel in this utility.


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