How to Fix “The Format Did Not Complete Successfully” Error on Windows

Are you facing problem and getting error message in Windows “The Format Did Not Complete Successfully” when formatting your hard drive, Micro SD card, SSD, or USB flash drive? Worry no more our very helpful ways will lead you towards the solution and solve your problem in an easy way. Formatting a USB flash drive, any micro SD card, or hard drive is an easy job for you but sometimes its headache.

fix The Format Did Not Complete Successfully error windows

There are a lot of questions on the internet regarding this issue. Many people have already asked about this issue but in a different and in their own ways. Like some questions were, my micro SD card is having a problem and not completing its format process, how can I fix the problem of format failed?, and the popular question ‘Window was unable to complete the format’ how can I solve this issue?

Why Windows shows format isn’t completed error

We will be discussing the basic and main reasons for this problem briefly and beautifully. Unable to complete the format error contains the following reasons.


Virus infection

First and a common reason for this problem is a virus attacked. A USB can be attached to any computer so it can catch a virus very easily. A user doesn’t know that the computer has a virus to which the USB is being attached. USB drives can easily be damaged or can be attacked by a virus. So in order to avoid your USB drive to catch virus, first make it sure that the computer to which you are attaching USB is a virus free.

Disk is write-protected

A very rare and skillful reason for this problem is that the disk you want to format is write protected. So window cannot format a disk which is write protected. So first you need to remove write protection of the disk then you will be able to format the disk or you can use any other USB drive to store your data.

Storage device damage

A storage device can be physically damaged and it can affect the work of format. Any USB or local data storage device cannot run from the physical Damage. The process of formatting a disk cannot be completed if the drive is physically damaged. So you can contact with any professional repairman to make your storage device work Again.

Storage devices have Bad sectors

A storage device has many sectors which are used to store data in the device. Those sectors are very small in size. Sometimes, Files can harm these sectors and can easily interrupt their work. So this problem is called Bad sectors. It can damage the storage device’s ability to read or write. So having Bad sectors in the storage device can be disturbed the function to format the disk. A very common cause of this problem is when you unplug your USB drive directly while the work is in progress.

Window disk management a way to format the disk

Whenever you see a message on your screen which shows ‘Window was unable to complete the format’ so the first try you can give to this problem is to fix it with Windows disk management tool. So sit back and follow us very carefully.

  1. Go to my computer option and right click on the option and now click on Manage option.
  2. Click on Disk management and it will open the window of Windows Disk management.
  3. Now, select any things you want to format. It can be USB flash drive, hard drive, or Micro SD card. Right click on the selected option and click on the option of Format.

Format with Command Prompt

The Above-mentioned solution to this problem is not the best for this problem so another solution to this problem is to Format with Command Prompt. This method looks difficult but it is not you just need to follow us step by step so everything will be clear and helpful to the problem.

  1. To run Command Prompt right-click on the Start button and select Command Prompt. In older Windows, you need to click the Start button and type cmd in the search box and press Enter. You can also press Windows+R keys from keyboard and then type cmd in the Run windows and hit enter to open up the Command Prompt.
  2. In the Command Prompt window Type Diskpart and press Enter key.
    windows command prompt list disk
  3. Write list disk and press enter then you will see the list of the disks. Now type the disk number you want to format. Be careful here don’t select the wrong drive while formating. You will lose all your data from that drive. As it is mentioned in given screenshots, write disk 0 or disk 1 and press Enter. Now the system will scan the drive and damaged structure will be erased during the scanning. Once done it will show the message that the drive is successfully cleaned. So you need to create a new partition now.
  4. Now press t to create a new partition ‘create primary partition’ and press Enter. Then type format /FS:FAT32J: and press Enter. Now the driver will be formatted to FAT file system.

Hope our helpful guide has helped you to solve your problem. If you have any further issues with your windows, Mac, IOS, and Android please visit our site on daily basis.

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