How to Change the Login Screen Wallpaper OS X EI Capitan

Do you want to change login screen or lock screen wallpaper in OS X EI Capitan to background of you choice? OS X El Capitan gives you the ability to change your login and lock screen appearance to your choice. What a login screen usually contains? It normally contains two fields for putting username and [...]

How to Hide User Account from OS X Login Screen Using Terminal

Have you ever wished to hide your user account from the login screen of Mac OS X? This has been made possible with OS X Yosemite using Terminal and different method can be used for older OS X versions. Yes, you can hide specific user account on OS X for whatever purpose you want. The [...]

Display Contact info on Login/Lock Screen of OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion gives an option to add a message on login or lock screen, showing “If found please return…” and contact info on the screen is great idea incase of missplaced, lost or theft. Follow the given instruction to display a message on login or Lock screen on OS X Lion. Step-1 Open [...]

How to Show off all Available Accounts on Mac OS X Login Screen

Some times this is required to display the list of all created user accounts on Mac OS X  login screen. So, in the following guide you will learn the method that how you can enable this option. Just as a prerequisite, you must be an admin account holder on Mac with full privileges and rights [...]