How to Make Mac OS X Dock Transparent

In the latest version of Mac OS X Mavericks with tons of other new features the Dock is also changed a little bit as its default frost effect is more thicker than ever before as it is available in the previous versions of OS X than Mavericks, which hides anything behind it. On the other [...]

How to Delete Multiple Contacts in iCloud

If you have a look at your Address book on iPhone/iPad, then you will notice that there are a lot of contacts you have added sometime ago, but now you do not need those any more but still they exist and make your contacts list bulky. On iPhone whenever you have to delete a contact [...]

iOS 7.0.5 Released for iPhone 5S/5C to Fix China Network Issues

After two months of iOS 7.0.4, Apple now pushed iOS 7.0.5 update to fix network provisioning in China for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C models including A1457 (UK/Europe), A1528 (China), A1530 (Asia Pacific) and A1507 (UK/Europe), A1526 (China), A1529 (Asia Pacific) respectively. The iOS 7.0.5 build 11B601 is a minor update and only fixes problems [...]

How to Share Files between iPhone, iPad using AirDrop

In iOS 7 with a ton of new features AirDrop is also included which let you allow to share files with other iOS equipped devices quickly. AirDrop in iOS works over Wi-Fi or bluetooth to share photos, videos, contacts, Map locations, and other data files between iOS devices. In this article you may learn that [...]

How to Restrict Browsing in Google Chrome by Creating Supervised User

Supervised users is a new feature included to Google Chrome web browser thats a sort of parental control feature. As a Manager you are allowed to keep an eye on the browsing activity of supervised users and determine site restrictions for your family members who are using Chrome on your computer. Here, you continue reading [...]

How to Enable and Use Text Summarize Service on Mac

If you are trying to read a long document to get the whole understanding of overall context of the text written in that then here is a tip for you, if you own a Mac. “Summarize” is a built-in feature of Mac operating system that makes ease for users to prepare a summary of a [...]

WinZip for iOS 7 Released with Dropbox Integration

WinZip Computing make their WinZip utility for iOS compatible to the latest iOS 7 and its available free for download through App Store. The latest WinZip for iOS is released with some stunning features like: integration with Dropbox, full AirDrop support, enhanced workflow for better file management, such as deleting and listing 3 recently opened [...]

Turn Off Touch Keyboard Clicks Sound in Windows 8.1

If you are sitting in a library or at a place where the silence is required, then definitely you need to stop your Windows 8/8.1 touch screen keyboard clicks sound, either you have a tablet or a hybrid device. So, here you find a way out to turn off keyboard click sound on touch screen [...]

Download BiteSMS for iOS 7 to Replace Default Messaging App on iPhone

BiteSMS beta released with the support for iOS 7 and the latest 64 bit A7 processor devices iPhone 5S and 5C, as the app is popular enough and a replacement of the Stock Messages app on iPhone. BiteSMS gives options to compose and reply messages quickly, with some other features like scheduled messages, auto-forward, auto-retry, [...]

How to Add Five Column Springboard in iOS 7

By default, there are four columns of icons display on an iPhone Springboard and Apple doesn’t let you allow to add fifth column but if you have jailbroken your iPhone over iOS 7 then here is a Cydia tweak which makes possible for you to add five-column icons display on your device home screen. See [...]

iSelfie: Remote Control for your iOS Camera

For iOS users iSelfie is a free app that makes easy for selfies to take photos by pairing two of iDevices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It means one device will remotely control the camera of other device and let you allow to take photos remotely. On both of your iDevices you have to install iSelfie [...]

How to View, Delete and Disable Google Location History

Google reports the location of a user from the device. That includes the devices which you ever are logged in using a Google account including on desktop computers, tablets, Android, iPhone, or iPad. By combining the report location data, Google creates and manages location history for users. This location information is used by several Google [...]

How to Allow Others to Add Photos to your Shared Photo Streams iOS 7

When we create a photo stream in previous iOS versions you can Share Photo Stream with friends and let them allow to view and comment on your photos. But in iOS 7, Share Photo Stream functionality is enhanced and give privileges to subscribers to contribute photos to Shared Photo Stream of friends. So, you can follow [...]

How to Improve the Audio Call Quality on iPhone

In iOS 7 Apple includes tons of new features and improvements, out of those is the ability to improve audio call quality, which is quite useful option. Especially, when the receiver of your call could not hear you in proper due to your noisy surroundings, at that time you definitely need some solution, so you [...]

Google Released Android Device Manager App to Find Lost Devices

Google launched Android Device Manager standalone app to support Android users to locate their lost devices with the integration to Google Android Device Manager web service. So if you are familiar with Apple’s Find My iPhone app for iDevices then you must understand the concept of Android Device Manager app as well, as both of [...]

Download Angry Birds Go! for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Finally, Rovio Entertainment has released Angry Birds Go! racing game free for all of the major mobile platforms. Users of iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 can visit their respective online stores App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store to download Angry Birds Go!. With the same cast, Angry Birds Go! is first ever [...]

Angry Birds Friends for iOS Updated with New Tournaments Levels

Rovio Entertainment Ltd released updated Angry Birds Friends for iOS with new weekly tournaments, includes six new levels for users to play each week from December 9-29th! In this FREE new game, you can use your phone to challenge your Facebook friends for the title of ultimate pig popper and bird flinger! Play in weekly [...]

WhatsApp Messenger Updated for iOS 7

WhatsApp Messenger app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is updated to the version 2.11.5. The latest WhatsApp Messenger for iOS is compatible with the new iOS 7 user interface, and packed with new features and improvements like: broadcast lists, improved share location, large thumbs, new notification alerts and sounds and many more. WhatsApp iOS [...]

How to Hide Mailboxes in iOS 7

In iOS 7 with 200+ new features, Apple adds more new features to Mail app to make it more useful for user. The iOS 7 Mail app gives options to users to Edit mailboxes according to their requirements, and using those options you can also hide or un-hide mailboxes on your iOS 7 device. So, [...]

Download iOS 7.0.4 IPSW Files for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Apple released the 4th update to iOS 7, the iOS 7.0.4 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The iOS 7.0.4 firmware update brings improvements, fixes to resolve problematic issues, and specifically FaceTime fixes. The iOS 7.0.4 only includes some bug fixes and improvements just like other predecessor updates to iOS 7, which was a major [...]

How to Change Default Search Engine in Chrome and Firefox

If you want to change search engine on your computer then guide below will help you to do that easily. Users of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers can follow guide below to change default search engine through their web browser’s settings. Change Default Search Engine in Chrome Step-1 Open Google Chrome and click on [...]

How to Disable Animation and Parallax Effects in iOS 7

Apple’s iOS 7 was released with 200+ new features and a lot of graphical enhancements are also the part of new iOS, and out of those are parallax and animation effects. The purpose of such kind effects is to make the iOS more live but for some users these type of effects are annoying. So, [...]

How to Take Screenshot of Whole Web Page in Chrome

Obtaining a screenshot of a whole web page is a little bit tricky, as normally by using print screen you only capture the portion of a webpage, which is viewable on screen. Now, if you want to capture full webpage and you are using Google Chrome web browser then here is an extension that let [...]

How to Block Spam Text Messages on US Carrier

Spam messages not only derail the activity of a mobile user, instead these messages also be dangerous enough and can grab confidential information from a user in very simple manner. So, its a better approach to block unwanted text messages on phone through your cellular carriers, US carriers are doing their best to minimize spam. [...]