How to Hide Mailboxes in iOS 7

In iOS 7 with 200+ new features, Apple adds more new features to Mail app to make it more useful for user. The iOS 7 Mail app gives options to users to Edit mailboxes according to their requirements, and using those options you can also hide or un-hide mailboxes on your iOS 7 device. So, here we are writing a step-by-step guide to hide or un-hide mailboxes in iOS 7.

Hide Mailboxes in iOS 7


Launch Mail app from the Springboard of your iOS 7+ device and then go to the Mailboxes. Tap on “Edit” button on Mail app screen at the right upper corner


From the open list of mailboxes select or deselect mailboxes by using the checkboxes in front of them, to make them visible or invisible

After doing the change press on Done button and that’s it.

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