How to Force Quit Apps on iOS 7

When it comes to close apps on iOS 7, the process of doing that is different from of its predecessor iOS version. Like in iOS 6 you need to press twice Home button, which opens app drawer, there you tap and hold any of app icon until all the apps icons start jiggling and a ‘x’ button appears on each app icon’s corner, which is simply used to close the app. But in iOS 7 the way to quit apps is different which you can learn after the break.


Quit Apps in iOS 7

  • Double tap on “Home” button to launch multitasking cards interface in iOS 7, that contains cards for all apps running on your iOS 7 device
  • Now, just tap and hold a card (not icon of the app) and then toss it up and away to close that specific one
  • You can swipe away three cards at a time on iOS 7, to do that just select three app cards on multitasking cards interface in iOS 7 and toss them away to shutdown the apps.

Force Quit Apps in iOS 7

Apps force quit in iOS 7 works similarly as in later versions of iOS. You need to force close apps when the apps are freezed or creating any other problem. To force quit an opened app in iOS 7:

  • Just press and hold down the Power/Wake button until Power off slide control appears
  • Press and hold down “Home” button until your iPhone’s screen goes blank and take you to the Home screen

Note: Apple still does not include a way to quit all apps in iOS 7 at a time.


Just follow these instructions to close apps on iOS 7, and share your experiences with us in comments section.

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