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How to Find MAC Address on Windows 8

Every device with a network card has a unique Media Access Control, MAC address which is the combination of numbers from 0-9, and letters from A-F, separated by a ‘dash’ or ‘colon’ between each pair of characters. Mac address is used for the communication over physical networks. For example a network administrator requires Mac addresses [...]

How to Disable Automatic App Updates in iOS 7

The iOS 7 users know that Apple includes a new feature of automatic apps updates in new iOS, which makes the download and installation of apps updates swift and on time, without asking the user either they need updates or not. But if you are a person who want to have control on your iOS 7 [...]

How to Disable Blur Effects in iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 includes 200+ new features, and one of those is the blurry background that appears in apps like Notification Center, Spotlight, Messages and so on. A lot of iOS 7 users do not like blur effects for applications, and want the solid iOS effect back, so if you are one of those and [...]

How to Setup and Use iCloud Keychain on iOS 7 and Mavericks

Apple includes iCloud Keychain service in iOS 7+ and OS X Mavericks v10.9. Here you find instructions to setup iCloud Keychain on iOS 7+ and Mavericks. The iCloud Keychain keeps saved usernames, passwords for applications, Wi-Fi networks, and credit card information which a user can access across all the Apple devices, which are approved once by [...]

Export as PDF From File Menu in OS X Mavericks

Apple’s latest OS X Mavericks includes 200+ new features and one of these is the easy way to Export as PDF from “File” menu. In predecessor versions of OS X Mavericks user can use “Save as PDF”, just navigating through File menu and by selecting “Print” option from menu list and then choosing a destination. [...]

How to Remove Lock Screen Notifications on OS X Mavericks

By default OS X Mavericks v10.9 gives pushes notifications from different apps on the lock screen of Mac. Although this feature is added to Mavericks to give a quick look to notifications but for some users its quite annoying of having private notifications on lock screen. OS X Mavericks also includes option to disable lock [...]

How to Enable Handwriting Input in Gmail

Google includes a new feature of handwriting input to Gmail that gives a way to insert other languages text in email message, which is not supported by your current keyboard. Handwriting input method is also helpful for the users with disabilities. Through steps below you may know how to enable handwriting input feature in Gmail. [...]

Apple iPad Mini 2 Specs, Price, and Release Date

At the special iPads media event 2013, Apple launched iPad Mini 2 which is the second generation of Apple iPad Mini slate integrated with new features and improvements, and especially with Retina display panel. The new iPad Mini with retina display is thinner and lighter than predecessor iPad Mini. Here you check iPad Mini with [...]

iPad Air Specs, Price and Release Date

On October 22nd event Apple announced next iteration of iPad, with the name iPad Air, instead its traditional title which is iPad 5, according to its predecessor iPad 4. The iPad Air is lighter and thinner in comparison to the previous iPad, and comes with 9.7 inch retina display and a lot of other new [...]

Download iTunes 11.1.2 with Support for OS X Mavericks

On iPad event Apple released Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 for free and iTunes 11.1.2 for Windows and Mac that includes support for latest Mac OS X Mavericks. So, the users who are running Mavericks 10.9 must grab the latest iTunes through links below. See also: Download Old Version of iTunes iTunes 11.1.2 Updates Support for [...]

How to Access Draft eMails on iPhone and iPad

The half written emails in Mail app on iPhone or iPad saved as drafts, which a user can access later. Apple includes a faster way to access saved message drafts on iPhone and iPad in new iOS. So, continue reading to know the method to open email drafts list of all of your email accounts [...]

Apple Sends Invitations to October 22nd iPad Event

Apple sent out invitations for the iPad event 2013 which is going to held on October 22nd in San Francisco. It is expected that on this event Apple announces new products including new iPad, new Mac Pro, new MacBook Pros and Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks features. Most likely Apple focus is over to announce [...]

How to Stop Facebook Email Notifications

Facebook sends email notifications to its users regarding all the activities taking place on their Facebook account, as if there are some new comments, friends requests, birthday notifications, etc. Now, if you have a lot of contacts on your Facebook, then definitely you receive a bulk amount of Facebook email notifications, which is quite annoying [...]

Download Old Version of iTunes for Mac and Windows

Sometimes users need to install an old version of iTunes, on Mac or Windows computer to perform some specific tasks that must require old iTunes version and probably not possible with the latest iTunes. So, here you can download old iTunes versions from official Apple links. Apple iTunes Support provides all links to download old [...]

How to Downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6

Folk who have upgraded their iPhone 4 to iOS 7, but want to revert back to iOS 6, can do it by following the guide written below using iFaith. To downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6, iOS 6.1.3 or iOS 6.1.2 you must have SHSH blobs saved, to proceed with process which only works for [...]

How to List Apps Installed on Android

In case your friends ask you to share your Android apps recommendations to them as they are moving to Android mobile devices then you must have to create a list of Android apps installed on your Android phone. So, here you find the way to list apps installed on your Android device, currently using List [...]

How to Delete Messages in iOS 7

A feature which is replaced in iOS 7 is the way to remove messages. In the previous versions of iOS there is an ‘Edit’ button appears at the right hand side of screen when you read your messages, which is disappeared in iOS 7. Now what to do if you want to delete messages on [...]

How to Enable ON/OFF Switch Labels in iOS 7

In iOS 7 redesign, you observe the ON switch is represented with green colour, and OFF switch with white colour for different Settings. Unlike the iOS 6, iOS 7 also gives option to the users to add extra indicator to the ON/OFF switches, in case its your preference or need due to any disability. So, [...]

iTunes 11.1.1 for Windows and Mac

Apple released updated iTunes 11.1.1 for Windows and Mac, that includes fixes for the problems experienced in previous version of iTunes which was a major update of the software. Latest iTunes resolves issues with iTunes Extras, deleted podcasts, and improves stability. Major New Features of iTunes 11.1 iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio is a great new [...]

How to Use Camera Burst Mode on iPhone 5S

At the iPhone 5S/5C launch event, Apple also presented camera improvements with iOS 7. One of the iSight Camera feature that stood out of others is burst mode – high speed camera on iPhone 5S. Here you find guide that help you to use camera burst mode on iPhone 5S to take a best shot. [...]

How to Track Data Usage on iPhone, iPad

In iOS 7 there is a new feature added, with 200+ iOS 7 new features which allows users to track data usage of apps installed on their iDevices. By using Settings in iOS 7 user can track data usage per app, and can also turn off access to data for some specific app individually. So, [...]

YouTube App Updated with iOS 7 Support

Google has released updated YouTube v2.1.0 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, which is compatible with iOS 7 and later and includes improvements and bug fixes. Features: Watch a video while searching for the next one Subscribe to your favorite channels for easy access from the guide Sign-in to access your “watch later” list Search [...]

Download Evernote v7.0.2 for iOS

Evernote released Evernote 7.0.2 for iOS, with support for iOS 7 and later. Latest Evernote for iOS includes a magic feature, Post-it® Note Camera, that allows users to take photos of Post-it® Notes and further it can extract the handwriting, enhances it and represent it into digitalized format inside a note. Evernote for iOS Updates: [...]

Skitch 3.0 with iOS 7 Support Released

The image annotation app Skitch for iOS by Evernote is updated to version 3.0 that now includes support for iOS 7. Skitch 3.0 user interface is redesigned in accordance of iOS 7 design principles, and also includes new features and bug fixes. Skitch lets you communicate important ideas in an instant. Snap a photo, mark [...]

How to Set up Fingerprint Scanner on iPhone 5S

In iPhone 5S, Apple introduced Touch ID – Fingerprint identity sensor that is integrated with the iPhone 5S Home button. Touch ID, uses your fingerprints as passcode and can automatically unlocks your iPhone, and let you allow to authorize purchases from the Apple online services like iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks. In following you [...]