How to Track Data Usage on iPhone, iPad

In iOS 7 there is a new feature added, with 200+ iOS 7 new features which allows users to track data usage of apps installed on their iDevices. By using Settings in iOS 7 user can track data usage per app, and can also turn off access to data for some specific app individually. So, check out steps below to know how to track data usage in iPhone, iPad.


Track Data Usage on iOS 7


Tap on “Settings” icon from Springboard and then tap on “Cellular”



Under “USE CELLULAR DATA FOR:” section you will find all installed apps on your iOS 7 device, and under the name of each app you can check data usage of specific app


How to Disable Data Usage for App

In front of each application there is a slider which you can set to OFF state if you do not want to let it use cellular data on iPhone, iPad


In Cellular Settings of iOS 7 you can also check call time, total data usage, app data usage, and system services data usage by scrolling up and down in Cellular Settings screen.

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Kristi October 1, 2013, 3:25 pm

In iOS 6 we can check only the total data usage by going through Settings>General>Usage but in iOS 7 we can find data usage by app, which is a nice addition to new iOS.

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