How to Make Mac OS X Dock Transparent

In the latest version of Mac OS X Mavericks with tons of other new features the Dock is also changed a little bit as its default frost effect is more thicker than ever before as it is available in the previous versions of OS X than Mavericks, which hides anything behind it. On the other side Mavericks also let you allow to make Dock transparent which was a required feature by Mac OS X users and its advantage is this, that it makes the things visible behind it.

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Now, if you want to make Dock transparent on your Mac over OS X Mavericks, then just follow steps written below to change default frost effect of Dock to transparent effect and also see the terminal commands, how you can revert it back to default dock appearance.


Make Dock Transparent Mac OS X

Launch Terminal via Spotlight or go through “Finder” > “Applications” > “Utilities” and type the following command in Terminal and hit Enter.

defaults write hide-mirror -bool true;killall Dock

In result you will observe that Dock solid frost background is changed to transparent frost thats it. Now, you can observe that anything behind Dock is visible.

Apply Default Frost Effect to Mac OS X Dock

As you observe that by default setting of Dock in Mavericks is to the solid frost effect. And, if you do not want to keep transparent Dock and want to get back frost effect Dock again then just type the following command in Terminal, to get your desired effect of Dock

defaults write hide-mirror -bool false;killall Dock

So, try the changes of Dock either with frosty effect or the transparent in OS X Mavericks and let us know through comments that what is your opinion regarding the new Dock effects in new OS X.

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