How to Find Boot Duration Windows 8.x PC

Microsoft Windows 8 boot up time is much faster then previous version of Windows. If you having problem with Windows boot duration or just curious to find the actual loading time of Windows 8.x then your can find this in Windows event viewer. To diagnose Windows performance it stores the boot up details for you, so continue to find your Windows load time.

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Find Windows Boot Duration

First you need to open Windows event viewer program, Right-click on the Windows start button location and select “Control Panel”. In the control panel windows click on “System and Security” section.



Now scroll down and find the “Administrative Tools” section and then click on the “View event logs” to open even viewer as show below.


Once Event Viewer is opened, on the left-side panel expand and follow this folders path. Open Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > Diagnostics Performance > Operational. When you select the Operational a list of event will be displayed on the right-side. Here find the Event ID number 100 there might be more than one events with this ID, because windows store boot up log frequently. To make it easy to find boot log of different boot ups click on the Event ID column’s title to sort it by IDs and find boot time for different dates and time.


As you can see below my Windows 8 boot duration is 139704ms which is approx 2.3 minutes, it seems fine to me because i have lot of start-up apps and desktop stuff like that in my Windows 8.1. You can also click on “Details” tab to view more details related to windows event log.


If you thinks your Windows PC is very slow and taking lot of time to boot up then you must see this guide How to Load Windows 8 Faster by disabling start up programs. Share your Windows 8 loading time if its faster or slowest and we will try to help you to solve the loading time problems.

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