Logout Facebook Account From all Devices Remotely

Your Facebook account may have everything personal in it and you should take Facebook account’s security seriously otherwise you may be going to expose your personal stuff. You should know how to make your account more secure using available security options and keep looking to Facebook log in sessions and log out Facebook remotely from all devices if found any suspicious activity.

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Lets explore some Facebook security settings where you can see all logged in sessions and logout Facbook from all devices or locations, set login notifications, Set security code and much more.


Logout Facebook Remotely

You can access directly Facebook security settings page or click on Settings icon and select settings from menu and then click on “Security” option in the left-side panel. Here you will see all the Facebook account security related options. Expand the “Active sessions” section.


You will see all logged in active sessions of your Facebook account, means if you logged in on more than one devices this will show the list of all sessions on different devices and locations. As you can see below in screenshot a Facebook log in session is active from an Android device as well, showing last accessed time, Device name, Location and device type as well. If you think this is unfamiliar device or location then you can log out from that device by clicking on “End Activity” link.


Lets explore few more Facebook security options.

Facebook login Email or SMS alert

You can set this option so ever time anyone logged in to your Facebook account your will receive an Email or Text message/Push notification according to settings chosen.


Recognized Devices

In this section you can find all the devices that are used to log in to Facebook account and check if any unknown device found. Click the Remove link to remove this device from the list.


Check all other security options and set according to your requirement.


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