How to Restrict Browsing in Google Chrome by Creating Supervised User

Supervised users is a new feature included to Google Chrome web browser thats a sort of parental control feature. As a Manager you are allowed to keep an eye on the browsing activity of supervised users and determine site restrictions for your family members who are using Chrome on your computer. Here, you continue reading to know that how you can get started with Supervised users in Google Chrome.

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Create Supervised User in Chrome


To create a Supervised user just login to Google Chrome browser using your Google account and password


Click on “Settings” icon from the toolbar, and click “Settings” from the opened menu


Click on “Add new user…” under Users section on Settings page



Just choose a Picture and Name, check the “create shrotcut on desktop” and “Supervised user managed by” options then click on Create button. A screen will open and gives you options that you want to proceed with Supervised user or original first user, so you can go further according to your choice


Block Websites in Chrome


Now, you can allow or block sites for Supervised user through its advanced settings, by opening You can manage Permissions on the page for your Supervised user to restrict some web sites and see the history as well.


This is how a supervised chrome browsing looks like and user will get similar message when tries to access blocked websites.



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