How to Block Spam Text Messages on US Carrier

Spam messages not only derail the activity of a mobile user, instead these messages also be dangerous enough and can grab confidential information from a user in very simple manner. So, its a better approach to block unwanted text messages on phone through your cellular carriers, US carriers are doing their best to minimize spam.

In following you learn the process to stop spam text messages with your specific carrier services provider on your iPhone, Android or any other smart devices. See your carrier specific methods to fight back against unwanted spam text message that you received in your daily life.

Block Spam Texts on Verizon

  • Visit and login with your account, incase you don’t have then register first
  • Navigate through “Preferences” > “Text Messaging”, select “Text Blocking” and do changes according to your requirement to block spam messages

You can use Verizon free service to protect from uninvited callers and messages on your phone.

Block Spam Texts on Sprint

  • Visit and login to your account
  • Navigate through “Text Messaging” > “Settings & Preferences” > “Text Messaging” options and disable email sending

Block Spam Texts on T-Mobile

  • Login to your T-Mobile account, Under “Communication Tools” simply “Disable text messages sent from email” and thats it

Now, just try to stop spam text messages on your specific carrier, through provided guide and share your experiences with us in comments section.


Block Spam Texts on AT&T

  • Visit, create a new account for your number, which will different than your standard AT&T account
  • Login to AT&T, navigate through “Preferences” > “Blocking Options”
  • Check mark the boxes followed by “Block all text messages sent to you as email” and “Block all multimedia messages sent to you as email” options, under “Email Delivery Control” and select “Block” from the options list followed by “Mobile number control”
  • Click “Submit” button to save the changes, and logout

Although, the method written above will help you to minimize spam messages on At&T free on your mobile number, but there is also an other option to avoid spam. You can create “Allow Lists” in your AT&T account, to communicate with some specific contacts, which will also give a way to avoid spam on your phone.

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