How to View, Delete and Disable Google Location History

Google reports the location of a user from the device. That includes the devices which you ever are logged in using a Google account including on desktop computers, tablets, Android, iPhone, or iPad. By combining the report location data, Google creates and manages location history for users. This location information is used by several Google apps like Google Maps and Google Earth for different purposes. Through the guide below, you may know that how you can view location history, turn off the feature to stop Google from tracking your location, and delete Google Location History.

View Location History

To view your Location History just visit the Google Location History website. There use the Calendar to view your location history from back dates.

Delete Google Location History

To delete some specific location history record, simply click on the red dot of that specific location from the Map and discard it by selecting the option of “Delete from history”. When you select a time period from the calendar to view your location history, beneath the Calendar you find the “Delete history from this time period” or “Delete all history” options, and you select any according to your choice.


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Turn off Location History

On location, history page click on the gear icon at the right side of the page and click on the “History Settings” option. On the opened page simply select the radio button next to “Disable” location history. After setting this option, Google will stop tracking you but keep your previous location history.

Turn off Location History on Android

Simply go through “Google Settings” > “Location” > and toggle the ON/OFF slider followed by “Location History”. You can also turn off location history on Android by visiting the Google location history page.

Turn off Location History on iOS

To turn off location history for Google Maps on iPhone, go through “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Location Services”.

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