Save iPhone BBTickets with TinyUmbrella v5.10.12

Either your iDevice is unlocked already or you have plan to do that in future, this is recommended by Notcom to save BBTickets for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 with the newly released TinyUmbrella v5.10.12. This is not explained yet by Notcom whats the purpose behind to save iPhones’s BBTickets once again through TinyUmbrella v5.10.12, [...]

Download iFaith 1.1 to Save SHSH Blobs Of Current Installed iOS

The iH8sn0w team has released updated SHSH dumper tool iFaith version 1.1 with minor fixes and a code improvement, that works for any iOS firmware installed on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Apple TV. For the users who are not familiar, the iFaith can save SHSH blobs for any installed version of iOS firmware on [...]