How to Connect to WiFi on BlackBerry PlayBook

You can connect to WiFi network on you BlackBerry PlayBook, If you want to connect to a wireless network on PlayBook then follow the given steps below.

Connect to WiFi on PlayBook

Tap “Settings” icon on top-right side of Status bar

Playbook settings

Tap WiFi, all available WiFi networks will be listed there. Tap one of the available network you want to connect to.

Playbook WiFi settings

Type the password if wireless network is security enabled and then tap Connect.

Connect to WiFi Manually on PlayBook

Using this option you can connect to a wireless network that is hidden or not currently available and you just want to save the settings.

  • Tap “Connect Manually” button
  • Enter the name of WiFi network, If the network is hidden then select Hidden SSID.
  • Select security type and specify any additional information.
  • If WiFi network is currently available then tap Connect otherwise tap Save to save the settings and connect later.
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