Create Ringtones on Android with Ringtone Slicer

Ringtone Slicer is a free application, that let you allow to create free ringtones on Android by using your phone’s music library. In following you can check out the features of Ringtone Slicer.

Ringtone Slicer is ringtone creator which allows you to edit your favorite audio to make the best and free ringtones ever! You can make ringtone, alarm or even notification audio and save it to your SD Card with Ringtone Slicer app.

  • Inbuilt file explorer. Pick file right from folder on your SD Card!
  • Theming, which allows you to choose the best apperance for editing audio.
  • Buttery smooth scrolling on 4.0+ devices.
  • MP3, WAV, AAC and AMR formats support.
  • Zooming for accurate ringtone editing. Just use pinch-to-zoom!
  • Playback from any position in audio file. Tap at the point you want to start playback.
  • Audio files which you will save shows up in the standart Android audio list for picking ringtones.
  • Intuitive interface with orientation support and gestures like pinch-to-zoom and flinging. Anybody can make free ringtones with this app.

Ringtone Slicer is in beta stage but you must give it a try to create customize free ringtones for your Android device.

Download Ringtone Slicer for Android

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Kukov January 10, 2013, 11:53 pm

Nice sharing thanks.

Katiu January 14, 2013, 12:43 pm

fun to create free ringtones for Android so try this free app to do that.

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