How to Install Fonts on Mac OS X

Fonts can change the look n feel of your work, don’t stuck with built-in fonts on Mac. There is huge collection of free fonts available on different website to download an install on Mac OS X. You can download free or paid fonts from internet and installing fonts on Mac is really easy, continue reading an see how to download and then install fonts on Mac OS X Mavericks, Lion, Leopard or other versions.

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Install Fonts on Mac OS X

First you must have font files that you want to install on your Mac. Font Authors share their fonts on different websites, to download fonts for free you can use Google to search and download free fonts on your Mac or dafont is one website that offers thousands of fonts uploaded by different authors.


Once you have download fonts on Mac, usually these fonts files are compressed in zip or rar files. You need to extract it first. When you extract the zip file you will see some fonts files with extension .ttf (TrueType fonts), .ttc (TrueType collection) or .otf (Open Type fonts). TrueType fonts .ttf is most commonly used TrueType fonts on Mac or PC systems. Mac OS X support both Windows and Mac true type fonts (.ttf). You can see more details about Mac fonts format.

To install font on Mac, Double click on your .ttf or any other type font file that you downloaded. Mac OS X will read the font file and open a font detail and installer window. Here you can view the font style and characters visually.

Click on Install Font button.

install font on mac os x

This will validate the font type and display in the Mac font book if you have successfully installed it.

installed font on mac

If there are different fonts in zip file for different variants of single font, such as Bold and Italic then you need to install each file so you can access same font’s versions like Bold an Italic on Mac.

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