How to Share Windows XP Files with Mac OS X

You may want to share files from windows XP to Mac OS X computer. In this guide you will learn how to share files, folder or drive on Windows XP and how to mount a folder or drive on Mac to access shared files/folder or drive. Make sure both Mac and PC are using same wireless or LAN internet connection.

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Share Windows XP Files with Mac OS X

First we need to enable sharing for folder on XP computer that contains the files we want to share.

Right-click on the folder and select Properties option from the menu to share and then click on Sharing tab.


If you are sharing the whole drive then you will be asked to understand the risk of sharing complete drive, so click on the link as shown below.


Click on the Share this folder on the network check-box and type a proper name in then “Share name” text box. Also check the “Allow network users to change my files” check-box if you want to give permission to other network users to change files. Hit the OK button to save the share settings.


Do you know your PC name or IP? Check you computer name or IP address, because you will use either IP or Computer name on Mac to access shared files of XP computer.

To check computer name Right-click on My Computer icon and select Properties option from menu. Click on “Computer Name” tab, here you can see your PC name as Full computer name.

Click on “Change…” button to give a meaningful name to PC.


Enter a proper computer name in “Computer name” text box that you can remember and type easily. Once done click on OK button to apply and save change. You need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.


Access Shared Folder on Mac OS X

To access PC files on Mac that you shared on Windows XP you need to click on “GO” menu and then select “Connect to Server” option from menu.

On the “Connect to Server” windows type the server address (Your PC name or IP address) after smb://<your computer name or IP address>.

e.g. smb://wd-server or smb://, Type the correct address and hit the “Connect” button.


You will be asked to enter then name and password of your XP computer, so select the Registered Users radio-button and type user name ans password in the respective text-boxes. You can save the username and password in keychain, If you want to do that click the check-box “Remember this password in my keychain” and click the Connect button.


If you have entered the correct username and password Mac will mount and show the list of shared windows XP folders, select folder and click OK button to to view the files available in it.


If you have any problem during sharing files using this method or successfully share files between XP and Mac then tell us below in comments which OS X version you are using. Is it OS X Leopard, Lion, Mavericks or any other?

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danny012345 October 26, 2014, 1:19 am

I have a combination of Win7 – XP & Apple macbook machines, running on my windows network.

The macbook up and till recently had Mavericks 10.9.5 OS X ,, a few days ago I upgraded the macbook to OS X Yosemite.

With upgrades you do get the odd thing going wrong but I have managed t resolve all but one problem in that I can no longer see any of the macbook-shared folders within the XP network icon.

I can see them and login to them via the Win 7 machines network icon, but I can not see any of the mac folders ( or drive ) within XP …

I therefore have to do the following :-

Start – Run

Then type the path to the macbook folder .. a login prompt and password appears but when I put in the user and password ,, the login re-appears but first with my XP machine user name back slash and the macbook user with password .. reappearing again and again after trying to login.

I can though WinSCP from my XP to the macbook using the same login credentials

But I just can not get past this XP to macbook network access – I can however login from the macbook to the XP machines network drives and folders.

Does anybody have any solutions to this as I have come up stuck here

Ps I tried this post which had possible solutions but nothing worked for mw

Seth Laskus October 8, 2020, 4:46 pm

doesn’t work

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