How to Disable Ads on uTorrent

uTorrent is very popular torrent client to download different kinds of files from torrent sites. uTorrent introduced advertisement in its version 3.0. These sponsor advertisements displayed at bottom and top and you may want to hide these ads. You can disable these ads from uTorrent interface by changing some advanced options. You will enjoy ads free uTorrent by following steps mention below. This tutorial is also for Bit-Torrent client.

How to Disable uTorrent Ads

To hide ads on uTorrent we need to change some flags values from advanced options.

  1. First open uTorrent client and select preferences from options at top left menu. (shortcut to open preferences is ctrl+p).
  2. A preferences window will open, there click on advanced. You don’t need to expand by clicking on + sign.
  3. After clicking on advanced a list of advanced options will show. Here find show_plus_upsell from the list. You can find this by typing upsell: in Filter field.
  4. Now change its value from true to false and save the changes by clicking Apply button.
  5. Now again find sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled from the list or you can also find this by typing sponsored in the Filter Field.
  6. Change its value from true to false and click OK.
  7. Restart your uTorrent client. Now both ads are disabled.

You may found flag names slightly different and it depends on uTorrent version you installed. You may see offers.sponsored_torrent_offer instead of sponsored_torrent_offer... so be careful when you changed some values because it may change the behavior of the uTorrent application.



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