Enable Mute Audio Button on Google Chrome Tabs

In Google chrome there is no visual control to mute sound from tab, when you open Chrome and restore old tabs suddenly a video or sound plays automatically and an icon show that this tab is playing media. You can’t find where to stop it, either you have to mute the system sound or click on that tab and pause the audio or video.To handle this problem we can enable built-in tab audio muting control or we can install Chrome extension. Let’s see both ways to enable mute control on Google Chrome.

Enable Mute Audio Control on Chrome Tabs

In this first method we don’t need to install any extension, just need to modify Chrome’s flag settings.

  • Open Google Chrome and type the following address to open the Chrome’s flags settings.
  • You will see the following settings, click on Enable link to activate the Muting control on tabs.
    audio muting control chrome
  • Once done, you need to relaunch Google Chrome browser to see the changes. So hit the Relaunch Now button at the bottom.
  • Now you will see the audio button is clickable and you can mute the audio.

If you don’t want to modify Google Chrome’s flags manually then install the following extension named Mute Inactive Tabs.

Whit this extension you can mute all the inactive tabs that play sounds which you don’t like.

  • Just install this extension from Google Chrome store by clicking on FREE button.
  • Click on mute speaker icon at the top Google Chrome corner and you are done. All the sounds will mute automatically.
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