Mount Any Folder like Drives in Windows

Every computer user have many folders in his/her computer and sometimes you have to access a folder many times or you can’t find it because of too many folder. So it’s a very good idea to mount your special folders and display with your computer drives. For example you can mount cloud services Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive folders, so let’s see how mount folders.

You can do it by using third party software and this can also done by manually if don’t trust on third party apps. We will discuss both ways to do that.

Mount folder using app

  • Download a tiny software called Visual Subst. It’s only 78KB in size.
  • Extract and run it. You don’t need to install, just run VSub named file.
  • In that window, first select a drive letter form “dropdown” menu.
  • Now browse a folder that you want to mount as a drive by clicking on “magnifying” icon.
  • After computer restart it will gone, but if you want to mount it permanently from check the option “Apply virtual drives on Windows startup”.
  • In the final step just click on green + icon and you are done.
  • Your drive is appears in the list of windows drive.

Mount Folder as Drive manually

  • Open windows explorer like my computer, my document etc. and type this in location bar %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.
  • Here create a new shortcut by “right-clicking > New > Shortcut”.
  • Now type the location of the folder manually like “subst G: “D:\Softwares\office 2013 ” or you can also select it by clicking in browse button and click on next.
    Note: “subst G: “D:\Softwares\office 2013 ”  where G is your new drive letter.
  • Type the name for this shortcut as u like in the given field and click on finish. You are done.

You can do it manually or using above mentioned app, it’s up to you because app is simple to use and performing all the steps for you.

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