How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages Android

If you are a smartphone user, then you must know very well about WhatsApp Messenger. An excellent app for messages and sharing Medias like pictures, audio or video. But sometimes we delete our conversation or messages, and later we need it for some reasons but don’t know at this point what to do.

I don’t think, so everybody knows there is a method to recover deleted WhatsApp Messages. Don’t be shocked there is always a solution to problems. There are two different methods manually and using a Web App called Recover Messages. We are testing that on Android phone and didn’t check that if it works on iPhone or any iOS device as well.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp automatically creates your conversations backup at system time 4 am, and this backup is stored on your smartphone. So, you can recover messages from previous backup files.

  • First, you have to install a file explorer app (You can install any file explorer to access system files) and go to sdcard > WhatsApp > Database. You will see some files like msgstore-2015-03-02.1.db.crypt and there is also a file named msgstore.db.crypt. In this folder msgstore.db.crypt is the current active WhatsApp conversation database file, other files are old backup files that backed up on mentioned dates automatically.
  • Now, what we are going to do its rename msgstore.db.crypt add anything before or after to the original name, e.g. msgstore.db.crypt_new  (Don’t delete it or you will lose your current conversations).
  • Now select the old backup file that you think should have my deleted messages. You can guess that by the date in the file name, rename it to msgstore.db.crypt to make it current active database.
    whatsapp messages backup
  • Now, open Android Settings > Applications > WhatsApp here, only Tap the “Clear Data” button.
  • Open WhatsApp; it will show you Message Backup found! Here select Restore.
    restore whatsapp messages
    You are old message will be restored, and you can see them in WhatsApp. All your latest message are saved in the file that we renamed to msgstore.db.crypt_new, If you need, then you can restore that by following the same steps later.

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Recover Messages Using Web app

This app is only designed to show your conversation from your database file, and it’s free.

  • Open website and click on Select SQLite File to upload you Database file. (Database file can be found at your storage sdcard > WhatsApp > Database). Accept the terms of use and click Process.
  • It will take some time. After that, it will show your conversation. You can only read them on this app, but you can’t restore them.

Note: you can get back only chat nit images, audio or video content but don’t worry you can also get back them. You can’t delete them forever until you remove them from storage.

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it’s good

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I need this app so that I can always use it. Have you put this app in Google playstore yet?


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