How to Rename Built-in Administrator Account Windows

There is a built-in default Windows user account with the name Administrator. When we install a Windows operating system, it comes with this hidden Administrator account and due to some reason if you want to use this account then you must have to enable administrator account with command prompt. It has all the admin rights to delete modify system files, setting and modify other user’s settings or we can simply say that’s for administrating the computer/domain.

Have you ever tried to rename it? its good for security purposes, hackers always attack on administrator account to get access to Windows system files. So that’s why this is a great idea to change its name. Let’s say change Administrator account name to TrickyWays. Follow the steps below to change the Administrator account name.

Rename Administrator Account Windows

  • Open control panel > Administrative Tools, here open Computer Management by double clicking on it. You can name it anything you want.
    windows computer management
  • Expand “Local Users and Groups” and click on Users. Here right-click on Administrator account and select Rename option from the popup menu. Type the name that you want, for example TrickyWays.
    rename administrator account windows Note: Here on computer management window you can see which user is built-in and its rights. See the Description column for more details of the user.

So, if you do need to use the Windows Administrator account for performing some kind of special task then enable and rename it, otherwise keep it hidden and disabled.

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