enable administrator account in windows 11

How to Enable the Administrator Account in Windows

When you turned on your brand new computer or start a clean installed Windows first time, there is no other user account but the one you created while completing Windows initial setup. Do you know there is an Administrator account with all the rights of Windows operations? In Windows Administrator account is disabled and hidden [...]

How to Rename Administrator Account in Windows

Before we learn how to rename the Administrator account in Windows, let’s see what is this admin account and why we need to change the name. There is a built-in default Windows user account with the name Administrator. When we install a Windows operating system, it comes with this hidden Administrator account and due to [...]

****** REDIRECTION-301***** How to Enable Administrator Account in Windows 7

Enable Administrator Account in Windows 7, built-in administrator account in Windows 7 is disabled and hidden by default. To perform some Administrative task you have to enable it. To enable the Administrator account in Windows 7 follow the given steps below. See also: Create Account in Windows (Command line) Enable Administrator Account Windows 7 Here we [...]