How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Microsoft Edge

Sometimes the websites you are browsing are acting and not giving visual layout or data results as expected. Here, clearing Cookies and cache files might help you to fix problems like that. Cookies and cache files Like other browsers, Microsoft Edge also stores website data in the form of Cookies, Cache files like Images, videos, [...]

How to Change the Taskbar Position in Windows 11

A simple Windows tweak to move the Taskbar to the right, left, or top of the screen. We have already covered, how to align the taskbar icon to the left in Windows 11. If you don’t like the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and want to move it to another location like left, [...]

How To Change File Type of Single or Multiple Files At Once

Renaming and changing file extensions are basic tasks in Windows. Sometimes we are in a situation to change file types of multiple files in a folder or in a directory or subdirectory. In this guide, you will learn different ways to change the extension of single or multiple files at once. Choose the appropriate method [...]

How to Create a Mobile Hotspot on Windows 11

Windows 11 allows you to share your incoming data connection with nearby devices over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. Now, there are several use cases where you would need to share the data from your computer to your other mobile devices. Fortunately, toggling the hotspot on your Windows 11 device is a straightforward process and you [...]


How to Change Your Display Name on Gmail Account

Gmail is the most popular email service used by most of the persons. When you send an email to someone your name is displayed to the recipient. When creating an email account then you have to provide your display name. On the other hand, you can change it afterward. You can change your display name [...]

gmail cc bcc

How to Cc or Bcc an Email Copy Using Gmail Web or Mobile App

Nearly all email providers support the feature of CC and BCC fields. Gmail is also one of them. These fields are used to send additional copies of emails. Let’s have a look that what are these fields in Gmail and how to use them on desktop or mobile. In this Guide: What are CC and [...]

change Skype name

How to Change Your Skype Name

You can change your display name in your Skype account if you wish to show a different name to others. Only, the display name can be changed and the username is not subject to change and Skype won’t let you do so. Other people will see this name when they make a call or message [...]

sending automatic reply email in gmail

How to Send Automatic Reply Emails in Gmail

Receiving automated emails in our inboxes is routine. You might have noticed the confirmation or acknowledgment emails received in your inbox. These emails are automated. If you are willing to send automatic reply emails in Gmail and lessen your workload due to manual email composing, then we are going to show you how to send [...]

turn off notifications windows 11

How to Turn Off All, Suggested or Specific App Notifications in Windows 11

Microsoft has built the feature of Notifications for the new onboarded users but it can annoy the regular users. Notifications not only comprise messages for tracking the apps but also Suggestions for the new users on how to effectively use their Windows PC. If you feel any irritation or distraction due to the feature, you [...]

add admin facebook page

How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page

It gets challenging to manage the whole Facebook page by a single person. In this situation, you may want someone to share your burden. You can add other people as admins to your page in order to help you manage the page. You can add admin to a Facebook page via desktop or mobile. Let’s [...]

hide weather widget taskbar windows 11

How to Remove the Weather Widget from the Taskbar in Windows 11

Windows 10 had the News and Interests widget on the right of the taskbar. Windows 11 has the Weather widget in the left corner of the taskbar. When you mouse over, it activates and your workflow may be disturbed. Sometimes you may find it pretty much annoying. Don’t panic, you can remove it from your [...]

reset or reinstall calculator windows 11

How to Reset or Reinstall the Calculator app in Windows 11

The calculator is a useful application available in Windows. The same calculator app is available in Windows 11 as Windows 10. The calculator app on the Windows PC is a pretty much useful tool as it provides not only the basic functionality of a calculator i.e. arithmetic operations but scientific, graphing, programmer, and date calculation [...]

insert pdf in google docs

How to Insert a PDF Into a Google Doc

Google Docs is getting more popular day by day as an alternative to Microsoft applications. Because of its growing popularity and ease of use many students across the globe prefer to use Google Docs. They, many times need to insert a PDF file in their documents. There are a couple of ways to do so. [...]

rename windows account

How to Change Your User Name on Windows 10 or 11

In Windows 10 and 11 you can change the Windows user name. To do so you need to follow three different ways depending upon the type of account you have. You might be using a Microsoft email account or just using a local account on Windows 10 or 11. So, let’s see how we can [...]


How to Find Computer’s Name and How to Rename Your PC on Windows

Sometimes you need to find your computer’s name and luckily finding a computer name is not hard you can view the computer name visually from the Windows Settings or even use a command to see the name of the computer in Command Prompt, Terminal/Power Shell. Methods to find the computer’s name In this guide, you [...]

convert mov to mp4

How to Convert MOV Videos to MP4 Format

Looking for a way to convert MOV video to MP4? In this guide, you will see how to perform video file conversion from MOV to MP4 that you can watch on most devices. I am going to use a free very well-known application called VLC media player. Convert MOV to MP4 Using VLC Media Player [...]

clipboard windows 11

How to Enable Clipboard in Windows 11, and Clear or Pin Items in Clipboard

Windows 11 clipboard history feature is handy and saves time. It stores copied data to your clipboard that you can use later on your Windows 11 PC. You can sync Windows 11 clipboard across Windows devices and remove individual or all the items from the Clipboard history. Earlier, Windows was capable to store only one [...]

delete pages from pdf file

How to Delete Pages From a PDF File Without Installing any Application

Want to delete a few pages from your PDF file? Well, it’s really a task without installing any application on your Windows. What you need is the Microsoft Edge browser which is built-in with Windows or Google Chrome. So, let’s see how to remove the specific page(s) from a PDF file. To remove the page(s) [...]