How to Find Computer’s Name and How to Rename Your PC on Windows

Sometimes you need to find your computer’s name and luckily finding a computer name is not hard you can view the computer name visually from the Windows Settings or even use a command to see the name of the computer in Command Prompt, Terminal/Power Shell. Methods to find the computer’s name In this guide, you [...]

convert mov to mp4

How to Convert MOV Videos to MP4 Format

Looking for a way to convert MOV video to MP4? In this guide, you will see how to perform video file conversion from MOV to MP4 that you can watch on most devices. I am going to use a free very well-known application called VLC media player. Convert MOV to MP4 Using VLC Media Player [...]

clipboard windows 11

How to Enable Clipboard in Windows 11, and Clear or Pin Items in Clipboard

Windows 11 clipboard history feature is handy and saves time. It stores copied data to your clipboard that you can use later on your Windows 11 PC. You can sync Windows 11 clipboard across Windows devices and remove individual or all the items from the Clipboard history. Earlier, Windows was capable to store only one [...]

delete pages from pdf file

How to Delete Pages From a PDF File Without Installing any Application

Want to delete a few pages from your PDF file? Well, it’s really a task without installing any application on your Windows. What you need is the Microsoft Edge browser which is built-in with Windows or Google Chrome. So, let’s see how to remove the specific page(s) from a PDF file. To remove the page(s) [...]


How to Make Your Photos Private on Facebook

You can make your individual photo private so other people can’t see it from the Facebook website or use the Mobile app on your iPhone or Android device. You can change the privacy settings for individual photos or even for the Albums. So, before modifying the privacy settings for the Photos you must need to [...]

google meet change display name

How to Change Your Name on Google Meet

Google Meet uses the same name as you have on your Google account. Changing the Google Meet display name is the same as modifying the Google account name. In this guide, you will learn to change the display name on Google Meet from the website and on Android phones. In this guide: Change your name [...]

google account name

How to Change Your Google Account Name

If you want to use a different name for your online presence then Google allows you to change your account name at any time. You can change the name using the browser on a desktop, or from a mobile device like Android, iPhone, or iPad. When you are using different Google services, your name can [...]

folder search lock

How to Exclude Specific Folders From Search Results in Windows 11

When you use the search feature in Windows 11 to find some files or folders, Windows start looking for the items in the User Profile folders like Documents, Pictures, Music, and Desktop. You can exclude specific folders and stop the search feature to look into these folders. In this guide: Hide folder from the search [...]

dark mode on windows 11

How to Turn on Windows 11 Dark Mode and Night Light Mode

Dark Mode? Yes, it’s saving your eyes. Have you ever been working late at night or in a room without lights? The white background of the Operating system UI, browser, and word processor keeps stressing your eyes. If you spend more time on the screen then Dark Mode is for you. In this guide, you [...]

recycle bin windows 11

How to Automatically Empty Recycle Bin in Windows 11

Anything you delete from your computer gets into the Recycle bin until you are forced to delete it permanently. Every time you have to keep an eye on the recycle bin and empty it manually. Instead of doing it manually, you can automate this process and Windows will delete the Recycle bin file automatically after [...]

share internet windows 11

How to Share Internet from your Computer Windows 11

If you are looking for how to share a WiFi connection with other devices then this guide is for you. In this guide, you will learn a simple way to share your internet connection from Windows 11 laptop, desktop, or Surface devices to other WiFi-enabled devices like your iPhone, Android phone, other computers, or any [...]

How To Remove Chat Icon From Windows 11 Taskbar

The new Chat icon that you might notice in the Microsoft Windows 11. The Chat feature is a part of the Microsoft Teams app and if you use the Teams then this Chat app is very useful to have conversations with the team members. But, If you don’t use The Teams app and want to [...]

How to Change Font Size For Specific Apps on Your iPhone or iPad

You might already know you can change the font size for all the iPhone or iPad user interfaces. But, do you know you can adjust the font size increase or decrease for the specific individual app as well? Yes, you can do that and this guide will help you to learn how to increase or [...]

How to Stop Windows 11 Automatically Changing Screen Brightness

You might not like Windows 11 automatically adapting screen brightness. If you want to stop Windows 11 to change display brightness automatic then in this guide you will see different ways to disable changing display brightness in Windows 11. The ambient light sensor in your Windows 11 device is responsible for calculating the light around [...]

windows 11

How To Check Windows 11 Edition, Version or Build

In this helpful guide, I will tell you different ways to check the Windows 11 Edition, Version, and Build number you have currently installed on your laptop or desktop computer. Windows comes in different flavors like Home, Professional, Education, and Enterprise. Sometimes you are looking for a Windows feature and suddenly know that it’s now [...]

change font size for specific apps

How to Increase Font / Text Size on iPhone or iPad

If you having trouble viewing text on your iPhone or iPad screen while using different apps. Don’t worry you can adjust the font size to make it larger and view easily on the screen. Not only you can increase the font size but also make it bolder. There are a couple of ways that you [...]

share folder windows

How to Share Files/Folders Between Windows Computers

Want to share files or folders between Windows computers? In this guide, I will show you how to share a folder with files in it with another Windows computer. Before starting there are a few requirements and you must need to fulfill. File sharing between Windows computer Using this guide you can share a folder [...]