Download iOS Firmware for iPhone [IPSW Files]

Find all the latest and old versions of iOS firmware IPSW files to download directly from official links that are released by Apple for all iPhone models. To download any iPhone iOS firmware simply right click on the link and select “Save link as…” option in Chrome browser. This option may vary according to the [...]

Fix Office Activation Error (0x80070005) We’re sorry…try again later…

If you are one of them who getting this 0x80070005 error while activating the Office 2013. According to Microsoft Office support page this error is related to Microsoft Office and Office 360 (Personal, Student, Home, Pro, Business versions). See also: how to find Office product key Fix Office Activation Error 0x80070005 Error: "We're sorry, something [...]

Turn Your Browser into a Notepad or Text Editor [Firefox, Chrome, Opera]

If you use browser most of the time and you may want to take few quick notes during a phone call. In this quick and dirty trick you’ll learn how to write notes without leaving your browser application. Using little code shortcut you will turn your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera browsers into notepad. [...]

Jailbreak iOS 8.0 to iOS 8.1.x with Pangu (Cydia App Added)

As we already know that Pangu team has successfully released their jailbreak tool for jailbreaking iOS 8 and iOS 8.1. Previous release of Pangu jailbreak tool for iOS 8 – 8.1 wasn’t included Cydia app in it. Now Pangu team released version 1.1 and Cydia app is already added to it, you dont need to [...]

Share Files from Mac OS X Yosemite to PC Windows 8

After upgrading to latest OS X Yosemite you many need to setup again file sharing options. We already posted file sharing guides for different version of OS X like Lion, Mavericks and now for OS X Yosmite. The process to share files from OS X Yosmite to Windows 8 is very much similar to old [...]

Dual Boot Windows 10 and Windows 8 / 7

Windows 10 Technical Preview version is available for everyone to install and test the new exciting features. This is not a full version of Windows 10 so instead of installing clean Windows 10 you much either create Windows 10 virtual machine or dual boot it with existing Windows 8 or 7. When  you dual booth [...]

Create Windows 10 Bootable USB Drive or DVD

Everyone knows Windows 10 Technical Preview is released with different and amazing features like live tiles in Start Menu, run any app in its own Windows and virtual desktop etc. So if you want to install Windows 10 Technical Preview, you can dual boot with existing Windows 8 or Windows 7. To clean install or [...]

iOS 8.1 Direct Download Links for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

For a while iOS 8.1 has been on discussion just after the release of iOS 8! As iOS 8 was very buggy in the beginning so everyone was expecting much from iOS 8.1 and finally the wait is over as Apple has rolled out an update to its mobile operating system as iOS 8.1. Keeping [...]

How to Stop Ringing iPad or Mac When Receive Call on iPhone

The new iOS 8 feature, you can answer or dial calls from Mac or other device like iPad or iPod Touch that are using OS X Yosemite or iOS 8 and also setup with same Apple ID. We already posted a guide Answer or Dial iPhone Calls from iPad, This feature is useful but some time [...]

How to Make OS X Yosemite Installer USB Drive

OS X Yosemite final version is available to download from App Store. Download and update it from OS X App Store or create a Bootable installer drive so you can easily use this installer USB drive to clean install OS X Yosemite or to install OS X 10.10 on multiple computer without downloading again and [...]

How to Answer or Dial iPhone Calls from iPad

Is your iPhone on a Dock for charging and you are using iPad or Mac? Meantime you want to make or answer a call? Well, with a new iOS 8 installed on iPhone you can answer or make calls directly from your iPad running iOS 8 or Mac runnings OS X 10.10. To make and [...]

iOS 8 Direct Download Links [ IPSW for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch ]

As we have our hands finally on Apple’s new mobile OS, iOS 8 has already surfaced ground with bundles of new features like custom widgets, Enhanced Messaging and a new notification center is added with various performance updates and bug fixes. Most of you would already have downloaded and installed iOS devices and if you [...]

How to Install iOS 8 OTA or Using iTunes

After so many months, So much discussion this is the time all the iOS users had been waiting for. After some iOS 8 Beta releases now Apple has finally released iOS 8 final version for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And if you are one of those with compatible devices you can get iOS 8 [...]

How to Play Clash of Clans on PC or Mac

Clash of Clans is very famous game for Android and iOS platforms, but some people wants to play this on on their Mac OS X, Windows PC, Laptop or Desktop computer. We can’t install Clash of Clans directly on PC or Mac so we need to use a program called BlueStacks or create a virtual [...]

List of iOS 8 Compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices

The new iPhone 6 is coming with the latest iOS 8 installed by default, with stunning new look and tones of features and hardware upgrade iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is going to take the market. I wasn’t a big fan of iPhone due to its small screen, but now I can’t wait to get [...]

How to Find Lost Android Phone or Tablet

If your android smartphone or tablet is misplaced in home or in office or if it’s stolen. Then you don’t have worry, there is a method to find your android smartphone location, you can ring your smartphone even if it’s on silent mode and you can also wipe your all data but you have to [...]

How to Remotely Lock Your Mac Computer with iPhone or Android

Ever forgot to lock your mac at home or office? Realized it later when you are away and have no access to your mac? Afraid of losing or someone going through your personal data or important files? Well if you are one of those and this is something you are usually facing there is a [...]

How to Enable Zoom Feature in Instagram iOS Without Jailbreak

Instagram has been very popular among internet users since the time it surfaced the internet. its popular for its photo sharing service and the plus point photos can be shared upon other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. Instagram’s biggest feature is its drawback as well which actually a limitation by service is. [...]

How to Use Facebook Chat Without Messenger App on iPhone, iPad and Android

Facebook has turned out to be be one of the important parts of our lives in past few years. These days socialization almost seems impossible without Facebook. Facebook has become very popular in recent times among the internet users around the globe. Facebook is one of those URLs that hold most part of internet traffic. [...]